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Biovac Sec New-Motorized Suction
Top Brand -5 %
Brand: Gnatus Model:  101001070000103
We are offering the best model of suction unit which is GNATUS Biovac Sec New Motorized Suction at best price. Basically, the GNATUS Biovac Sec was designed for a high-powered suction that absorbs efficiency saliva and residues, using a technology that dispenses water in the..
₹42,000 ₹44,000
Gnatus Air Compressors
Top Brand -5 %
Brand: Gnatus Model:  101003BIOQUALY
Gnatus- An oldest brand which is associated with Unicorn has introduced three models of Air Compressor Units. Offered compressors can be easily used for running suction and air rotor.Features:Medical grade airSuper silentOil free engineAir outlet filterThermal protector against overheatingAnti-..
₹23,350 ₹24,500
Gnatus Airotor Fiber Optic Handpiece
New Top Brand -50 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Gnatus Model: 30SL
Handpiece Body Daring design with rounded linesMade in AluminumAutoclavable up to 135ºCTriple SprayDistributed symmetrically in the direction of the bur tip Rotation420.000 RPM Working Air PressureBetween 32 and 35 pounds (psi) Ideal WeightNet weight under 32.0 grams Low Wor..
₹4,000 ₹8,000
Gnatus Bioclave 21 Ltr
New Top Brand -5 %
Brand: Gnatus Model: bioclave_21ltr
N-type semi automatic autoclaveFront loading bioclave with a capacity of 21 LtrMicroprocessor controlledEnsures biosafety & sterilization of non porous instrumentsCompletes dry cycle with semi - opened doorManometer for monitoring of proper temperature and operating pressure throughout the steri..
₹57,500 ₹60,500
Gnatus Contra Angle Handpiece 32CA
New Top Brand -50 %
Brand: Gnatus Model: 32CA
Contra Angle BodyDaring design with rounded linesMade of brass with smooth chrome-plated treatment Autoclavable up to 135ºCEasy Coupling Rotation INTRA system Single External SprayA silicone hose external to the handpiece is used for the passage of the water from the body of the micro..
₹4,000 ₹8,000
Micromotor Intra Gnatus 32 MM
New Top Brand -50 %
Brand: Gnatus Model: Intra32
Micromotor BodyDaring design with rounded linesMade of brass with smooth chrome-plated treatmentAutoclavable up to 135ºCAnti-skid grooves and indication of directionBorden type connectionRotation5,000 RPM thru 20,000 RPM Has adjustment of rotation – inversion on the body of the micromotorWorkin..
₹4,000 ₹8,000
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