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Gnatus Air Compressors
Top Brand -5 %
Brand: Gnatus Model:  101003BIOQUALY
Gnatus- An oldest brand which is associated with Unicorn has introduced three models of Air Compressor Units. Offered compressors can be easily used for running suction and air rotor.Features:Medical grade airSuper silentOil free engineAir outlet filterThermal protector against overheatingAnti-..
₹23,350 ₹24,500
Gnatus Amalgamator- Amalgamix ii
Top Brand -7 %
Brand: Gnatus Model: Amalgamix 2
Gnatus Amalgamator- Amalgamix ii..
₹27,000 ₹29,000
Gnatus Bioclave 21 Ltr
New Top Brand -4 %
Brand: Gnatus Model: bioclave_21ltr
N-type semi automatic autoclaveFront loading bioclave with a capacity of 21 LtrMicroprocessor controlledEnsures biosafety & sterilization of non porous instrumentsCompletes dry cycle with semi - opened doorManometer for monitoring of proper temperature and operating pressure throughout the steri..
₹59,999 ₹62,500
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