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All in One Genoray Portable X-ray Port X IV

All in One Genoray Portable X-ray Port X IV
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All in One Genoray Portable X-ray Port X IV

Offered Genoray Portable X-ray Port X IV is the 4th generation machine, which is developed to generate and control X-ray to acquire teeth and jaw images.

General Features:

·  Wireless and single hand operative DC X-Ray

·  70 kV power with 2mA current

·  0.4 mm Focal Spot

·  2 mm Al Filtration

·  1.5 kg in Weight

·  with LCD Screen

·  USB port for RVG attachment

·   Patient Registration

·   Image viewer screen with editing tools

·   1 year warranty as combo unit

Design Features:

  • Color LCD - Users can view the operation through colorful graphic LCD with very high quality
  • Operation Panel - user can make the most optimized X-Ray Control suitable to patients and the best image through simple key operations
  • Smart Design - Camera type Port X IV is designed for 1 hand operations that offers convenient diagnosis. Further, its compactness improves the efficient use of work space.
  • Grip Tie - Used while shooting or moving. The length can be adjusted for the operator and is very smooth & comfortable.

Technical Features:

X-Ray Generator


High Frequency Inverter

Power Output


X-Ray Installation

Tube Voltage


Tube Current


Anode Type


X-Ray Tube

Focal Spot


Anode Angle


X-Ray Control

Exposure Time

0.01-2.0 Sec.

Power Requirement


22.2 V , 1000mAh


Main Unit

1.5 Kg


Main Unit

170(W) x 138(D) x 155(H) mm

Warranty: 1 Year

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