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All in One Genoray Portable X-ray Port X IV All in One Genoray Portable X-ray Port X IV
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Brand: Genoray Model: PORT_X_IV
Offered Genoray Portable X-ray Port X IV is the 4th generation machine, which is developed to generate and control X-ray to acquire teeth and jaw images.General Features:·  Wireless and single hand operative DC X-Ray·  70 kV power with 2mA current·  0.4 mm Focal Spot·  2 mm Al Filtration·  1.5 kg in Weight·  with LCD Screen·  USB port for RVG attachment·   Patient Registration ·   Image viewer..
Brand: Genoray Model: EZ60
Portable Battery from Genoray brand, a South Korean company that is specialized in X-ray devices. Genoray Portable battery can be easily purchased by dental professional online in our website at very reasonable price. Key Features Of Genoray Portable Battery:• Highly durable battery with long shelf-life• Li-polymer battery with increased safety• Long battery life once fully charged. Technical Specifications:• Battery Voltage:  22.2 Volt DC  (minimum)      ..
₹28,000 ₹25,520
Brand: Genoray Model: PORT_X_II
Port X II device from Genoray brand, a South Korean firm, which specialises in X ray medical devices, and has emerged as a leader in digital dentistry throughout the world. Since its foundation in the year 2001, Genoray has received several awards and accolades including the ‘Design Tech Innovation Award’ and the ’30 Million Dollar Export Award’.Genoray Portable X Ray Machine is a highly advanced digital X – ray companion that is preferred by dental professionals because of the safety (AERB Appr..
₹104,650 ₹110,000
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