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Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: UCDIGITAL
Codyson Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner 3l uses high-frequency, high-intensity sound waves in a liquid to facilitate or enhance the removal of foreign contaminants from surfaces of used dental or surgical instruments submerged in an ultrasonically activated liquid. The ultrasonic transducer generates ultrasonic vibrations that create the most effective cavitation.  This scouring activity reaches to each miniature crevices inside the instrument that is normally impossible to remove. The dig..
₹10,600 ₹12,000
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: DS1000
ExtraOral Dental Suction - Dynamic DS1000 comes with powerful aerosol aspiration capacity to prevent aerosol transmitted viral infection and safe-guard clinical environment.. In dental clinic, doctors can use the ultrasonic scaler, 3-way syringe, high speed or low speed red ring handpiece that generate large quantities of aerosol in conjunction with bacteria & viruses such as saliva & blood.ExtraOral Dental Suction - DS1000 Has The Below Key Points: Protection from a..
₹47,000 ₹52,000
Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent Model: N MC
 Ivoclar Vivadent is well renowned and reliable global brand among dental professionals to provide equipments for effortless operations. Bluephase N MC LED polymerization light cure unit provide high energy blue light for continuous operations at all times. This budgetary light cure unit is suitable for all types of restorations. It is a device providing value for money for dentist with its excellent performance and low maintenance.Key Features Of Bluephase N MC LED Light Cure Unit C..
₹21,000 ₹22,000
Brand: NSK Model: Dyna500L
NSK Dyna LED Air Rotor handpiece, manufactured with excellent performance and enduring reliability as a result of NSK Micro-precision Engineering. This revolutionary Dyna LED turbine provides a versatile integrated mini power generator that, when connected to any regular non-optic air tubing, provides long-life, day-light quality LED lighting. Dental Professionals will immediately be benefitted from LED lighting on their dental equipment at the expense of the turbine. As a high priority fo..
₹31,440 ₹32,450
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Endo Radar Plus
A brushless new generation cordless Endo Motor with integrated 5th generation apex locator, comes equipped with reciprocation function and apex action for precision root canal treatment. Endoradar plus is a combination of endo motor with integrated apex locator which saves space & time while performing endodontic treatment. It is a “Two in One” device with amazing features and smart technology to ease the work of the dentist. EndoMotor with apex locator can help you to minimize the numbe..
₹40,000 ₹42,000
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