Flashforge PC 3D Printer Filament (Natural, 1.75mm)

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Polycarbonate (PC) is a high strength material intended for tough environments and engineering applications. It has extremely high heat deflection, and impact resistance and optical clarity. Polycarbonate also has a high glass transition temperature of 150 degree Celsius. This means it will maintain its structural integrity up to that temperature, making it suitable for use in high-temperature applications. It can also be bent without breaking and is often used in applications where some minor flexibility is required.

  • High printing temp, high demand for printers and build plate needs to be heated.
  • Print models that have high demand for tenacity and strength like engineering samples, etc.
  • Print models that heat-resistant temp is over 100.
  • Print models that are heat-resistant and transparent like lampshade, etc.
  • Improve warping and cracking problem compared to normal PC when printing models

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  • Only one specification for now: 1.75mm, wire diameter range: 1.70-1.80mm.
  • Printing temp range recommended: 240-260.
  • Printing speed: 60-90mm/s.
  • Build plate temp: 100-120.
  • Printing raft: we suggest using perforated plate, not using heat resistant adhesive tape in order to reduce warping probability and ensure beauty and integrity of printing models.
  • Adopted food grade PC as main material, create PC by modified development for 3d printing.
  • PC adopted is food grade, BPA free.
  • Keep high grade of transparency of PC, light transmittance is over85%.
  • Keep good mechanical property of PC, high impact and high rigidity.
    Strong Fire resistance of UL94 V-0 Level. "
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