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Flare Dental Chair

Manufactturer:Unicorn Denmart
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Key Highlights

  • Independent up and down movement and backrest adjustment for precision positioning.
  •  Halogen sensor light with variable intensity for enhanced visibility.
  •  Movable right arm for seamless patient seating.
  • Two chair programs: preset working position and zero position for workflow efficiency.
  • Feather-touch control panel on the delivery unit for total control.
  • Doctor’s stool with adjustable height for comfort.
  • Movable foot control with multiple pedals to streamline procedures.
  • Movable assistant arm with suction points and 3-way syringe to boost team efficiency.
  • Traditional delivery unit with feather touch controls and LED X-ray viewer for cutting-edge operation.
  • Fixed water unit with movable melamine spittoon and cup filler for patient convenience.

Moveable Foot Control

• 1 Pedal for chip air (Blow)
• Pedal for air
• 1 Pedal for air & water
• Round joystick on chair base for chair movement

Assistant Arm

• Movable assistant arm
• 2 suction point for low & medium suction
• One – 3 way syringe

Water Unit

• Fixed water unit with movable melamine spittoon
• Cup filler with option for warm & normal water

Vendor : Unicorn

The Flare Dental Chair is a state-of-the-art dental chair designed to provide both dentists and patients with comfort and convenience. It is equipped with advanced features that enable precision positioning and enhance visibility during dental procedures. The chair is designed to cater to the modern dental practice's needs, ensuring efficient workflow and patient satisfaction.


Delivery Unit

Delivery Unit Components

• High speed handpiece connector : 2sets
• Low speed handpiece connector : 1set
• 3-way syringe : 1 pcs
• Operation lamp : 1set
• Film viewer : 1set
• Saliva ejector (strong and weak) :1set
• Automatic cup filler : 1set
• Movable assistant device : 1set
• Built-out water purified system : 1set
• 24V D.C noiseless motor : 1set
• Sanitary cushion & backrest : 1 set

More Information
Manufacturer Unicorn Denmart
warranty 1 Year
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1 Year

Ratings & Reviews

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