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NSK Endomotor - EndoMate AT
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Brand: NSK Model:  114013Y1002190
Offered NSK Endomate AT is made for use with all brands of Ni-Ti files. Basically, this endodontic motor has a wide range of torque and speed settings,which allows it to be used with Ni-Ti Files from virtually all major manufacturers. Operates on 230AC V power supply, offered Endomoto..
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NSK Endomotor - Endomate DT
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Brand: NSK Model:  114013Y141121
Now cleaning & shaping of root canals become more easy with NSK Endomate DT endomotor.  Equipped with rotary files, you can treat more faster & efficiently without any fear of file breakage during the entire procedure.  The feature that you will love about this is th..
₹47,000 ₹49,400
Brand: NSK Model:  114013Y1001027
Endo-Mate TC2 is a large LCD, simple 5-key operation and a lightweight cordless handpiece that assures easy use even during the most delicate endodontic procedures. Further, its Auto Reverse & Alarm Function alerts you with an audible sound to let you know that the load is about to reach th..
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Brand: NSK Model: F20R
Offered NSK MPAS head is equipped with a built-in probe ring which enable the dentist to use Apex Locator with the Endo-mate TC2, DT, and AT systems. By combining an Apex Locator with NSK Endomotors, dentists will be able to perform more accurate root canal preparations.Specifications: HeadMini..
₹16,800 ₹18,000
Woodpecker Endo Radar Plus - Wireless Endo Motor
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Model: Endo Radar Plus
Get the top rated wireless endo motor from trusted brand i.e. WoodpeckerFeaturesReciprocating Angle Range 20° - 360°.Integrated Length Determination.Torque Range 0.4 - 5.0 Ncm.Speed Range 100 - 1200 RPM.6:1 Gear Head With Super Slim Head Size.360° Rotatable Contra Angle.Wireless ConnectionWarranty* ..
₹38,500 ₹40,450
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