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Endo Motor

Endo Motor

About Endo Motor

Endo Motors are electrical equipment meant to facilitate the root canal treatment and are used during bio-mechanical preparation to drive rotary files for the shaping of the root canal. This helps the endodontist to prepare the endodontic canals at a greater place & comfort.  With a range of powered rotary & reciprocating systems that can make root canal treatment easier to perform, endodontic instrumentation has advanced significantly in recent years. NiTi rotary instrumentation should indeed be conducted through slow-speed electric motors with constant and accurate torque suitable for the canal being handled. 

What All Are Included in Dental Endo Motor?

Dental Endo Motor comprises of a central body that controls the system, a micro motor and a contra-angle handpiece has the various files attached, and often a foot pedal that helps us for hands-free operation. 

Generations of Endo Motor
  1. 1st Generation: It comes without torque control whereas a constant torque is required while performing biomechanical preparation
  2. 2nd Generation: It comes with little advancements i.e. a sensitive torque limiter in the device for shaping the canal wall
  3. 3rd Generation: It comes with simple torque control for the cleaning and shaping of root canal walls.
  4. 4th Generation: It is an advanced model with an integrated apex locator and torque control for increased accuracy in endodontic treatment. 
Importance of Speed in NSK Endo Motor

During endodontic canal preparation, less speed is preferred, whereas more speed leads to faster and better cutting efficiency. The reason behind this is:

  • Loss of tactile sensation
  • Breakage of the followed by distortion of flutes in the instruments
  • Change in canal anatomical curvature
  • Loss of control over the handpiece due to increased vibration
Importance of Torque in Endo Motor

The handpiece’s ability to withstand lateral pressure on the rotating file without reducing its speed or cutting efficiency is torque. A torque often affects the occurrence of instruments locking, deformation, and separation. It also increases the instrument progression in the canal. 

The Best Endo Motors save the dentist’s time by providing numerous programs to set up for various file systems, auto-reverse function, reciprocation mode, etc. An integrated apex locator is also included for the real-time display of files inside the canal. 

  1. Auto-Reverse Function- The auto-reverse function allows the rotation of the file to shift to the reverse direction when the pre-set torque limit is exceeded. This greatly reduces the burden on the rotary file. When the excess load is withdrawn, the file gets back to a regular forward direction rotation automatically.

    It helps to enhance the shape of the root canal easily and eliminates procedural accidents such as canal elliptication/zipping, ledge formation & root perforation.

  2. Reciprocation Function- Reciprocation during bio-mechanical preparation is the repeated back & forth motion used. It is more powerful than continuous forward motion rotation. It is also known as accurate angle control. High efficiency is provided by a wide rotating angle in the cutting direction, while a smaller angle in the reverse direction enables the file to move safely along the canal path while reducing the possibility of file breakage. 
Advantages of Reciprocation Function
  • Extends the life of a rotary file
  • Preserves original canal anatomy
  • Very less micro-dentinal cracks
  • Less Chair side time and increase productivity
Key Points of NSK & Woodpecker Endo Motors
  1. A wide variety of Endo Motor for dental of renowned brands like NSK & Woodpecker etc.
  2. The most advanced technology like auto-reverse function and reciprocation functions are available to reduce procedural accidents. 
  3. All major brands of Ni-Ti files are compatible with the Endo Motor equipment's and are available with Best Dental Deals.
  4. Convenient to use and portable devices provide the dental professional's flexible operation.
  5. Endo motor either with a cord or cordless, AC/DC operated is available.
  6. Increased Accuracy in root canal treatment and less chairside time. 
A Guide to Maintain Endo Motor Equipment's 

In order to ensure patient health and prolong the life of the root canal machine, maintenance of the Endo Motor Handpiece is necessary. Immediately following the thermal disinfection, lubricate the contra-angle head.  The handpiece should be kept dry after use is also essential. 

Brand: NSK Model:  114013Y141121
NSK Endomate DT, a highly reliable endodontic motor with auto-reverse function and 6 head angle position of the handpiece for better accessibility.  NSK Endomotor Endomate DT provides efficiency and accuracy in root canal treatment, also it is silent and comfortable for dental practitioners. Because of its ease of use, as well as the excellent visibility and access through the miniature contra-angle attachment, it helps the practitioner to completely focus on the pat..
Brand: NSK Model:  114013Y1001027
NSK Endomate TC2, a cordless Endomotor with brilliant optimization and smart technology for effortless biomechanical preparation during root canal treatment. Ni-Ti rotary files should always be carried out with slow speed, low torque electric endodontic micromotor with decreasing gear ratio handpiece to provide a constant and accurate torque suitable for the canal undergoing endodontic therapy. Even during delicate root canal procedure, it helps the dentist to work easily with its cordless h..
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Endo Radar Plus
A brushless new generation cordless Endo Motor with integrated 5th generation apex locator, comes equipped with reciprocation function and apex action for precision root canal treatment. Endoradar plus is a combination of endo motor with integrated apex locator which saves space & time while performing endodontic treatment. It is a “Two in One” device with amazing features and smart technology to ease the work of the dentist. EndoMotor with apex locator can help you to minimize the numbe..
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Frequently Asked Questions

Endo Motor provides a controlled speed and torque to enhance the accuracy of the root canal along with that reduce the risk of procedural accidents. Hence rotary files in endo motors are used by dental professionals rather than using manual technique, and also reduce the hand fatigue by doctor. 

While using Protaper files with a 6% tapering the speed and torque should be, 

When use of SX, S1, S2 files – speed should be 250 - 300 rpm and torque should be max 2 Ncm.

When use of F1, F2 files – the speed should be 250 – 300 rpm and the torque should be 0.5 Ncm to 1 Ncm. 

As the Endo Motor is used inside the root canal during biomechanical preparation, hence less speed is preferred depending upon the type of rotary files used. A controlled speed and torque can lead to better shaping of the canal and less breakage of the rotary files.

Yes, we do have an alarm function for the pre-set torque value in NSK Endomate TC2 endo motor. When 50% of the pre-set torque value reaches, there will be an alarm sound, When the pre-set torque value reaches 75%, the alarm sound becomes faster and when the pre-set torque value reaches 100%, auto-reverse function will be on with a continuous alarm sound. 

In Endoradar plus Endo Motor, apex action that stops or reverses when the file reaches to the apex, also the speed of the file decreases the more it approaches towards the apex, preventing over instrumentation.

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