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Apex Locators

Apex Locators
Brand: NSK Model:  114017Y1002208
Unicorn Denmart is offering a highly advanced Apex Loctaor known as iPex II from the brand NSK. Built by using the results of numerous clinical trials and verification tests, this smart logic next-generation Apex Locator is compatible with diverse tooth forms. Additionally, it provides sup..
₹40,300 ₹42,300
Woodpecker Apex Locator - DPEX V
New -6 % In Stock
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Dpex V
Features:Clear bright LCD for a clear image & different colors to clearly shaoe the trajectory of the file.Multi-frequency apical position technology for accurate measurement.Accurate reading even in presence of blood or residual pulp in the root canal.Measurement will not be affected by the too..
₹10,865 ₹11,500
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