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Endodontic Equipment

Endodontic Equipment

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About Endodontic Equipment 

Motor Endodontic is a branch of dentistry dealing with dental pulp, periapical area. We have a wide range of Endodontic Motor With Apex Locator to ease the work of every dentist. It provides the equipment with innovative technologies for better comfort of dentists as well as patients. There is a range of endo motor and apex locator to demonstrate pulp vitality by Pulp Tester, apex locator to determine the working length by measuring the distance till apical constriction, and endodontic electric motors for precision torque & speed control with rotary instruments. 

Whether you are highly skilled in endodontic therapy or delivering occasional root canal services, this becomes pivotal to have the appropriate machine at hand to be able to accurately diagnose and treat the patient's condition. Endodontic procedures require a lot of accuracies and endowing on the best the product gives positive results and fewer failures.

Endodontic Equipment Price List

Type Of Endodontic EquipmentBDD Special PriceMax Price
NSK IPEX II Apex Locator₹40,000/piece
NSK Endomotor - EndoMate AT₹33,000/piece
NSK Endomotor - Endomate DT₹46,600/piece
NSK Endomotor - Endomate TC2₹36,000/piece
Woodpecker Apex Locator - DPEX V₹8,700/piece
Woodpecker EndoRadar Plus - Wireless Endo Motor₹40,000/piece

Endodontic Equipment Has The Below Key Points

  • A wide range available from renowned brands worldwide
  • Affordable prices for every dentist 
  • Advanced technology with innovative designs for precision
  • Better handling of the devices because of ergonomic designs
  • Increased accuracy of the root canal treatment because of smart technology
  • Less procedural accidents lead to reduced root canal failure rate
  • Wide range of speed and torque selection makes the devices easy to operate
  • Less chairside time 
  • Increased efficacy with preservation of original canal curvatures
  • Decrease file breakage and increase cutting efficiency for endo motor.

There is a myriad of factors to consider according to the equipment. For example, if you want an Woodpecker endo radar endo motor with apex locator, make sure it can get an accurate measurement irrespective of the conductive fluid, or to buy an Endodontic Motor, it should have the advanced technologies to lessen the procedural accidents & increase the accuracy of the root canal treatment. Now you can choose from the list of our products and get the perfect equipment for your dental clinic.

Brand: NSK Model:  114013Y141121
NSK Endomate DT, a highly reliable endodontic motor with auto-reverse function and 6 head angle position of the handpiece for better accessibility.  NSK Endomotor Endomate DT provides efficiency and accuracy in root canal treatment, also it is silent and comfortable for dental practitioners. Because of its ease of use, as well as the excellent visibility and access through the miniature contra-angle attachment, it helps the practitioner to completely focus on the pat..
Brand: NSK Model:  114013Y1001027
NSK Endomate TC2, a cordless Endomotor with brilliant optimization and smart technology for effortless biomechanical preparation during root canal treatment. Ni-Ti rotary files should always be carried out with slow speed, low torque electric endodontic micromotor with decreasing gear ratio handpiece to provide a constant and accurate torque suitable for the canal undergoing endodontic therapy. Even during delicate root canal procedure, it helps the dentist to work easily with its cordless h..
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Dpex V
DTE Woodpecker apex locator 6th generation for accurate working length determination irrespective of the tooth type and multi-frequency impedance technology. The use of this highly efficient by the dentist can add on various advantages.Key Features 97.71% accurate than the conventional radiography method. It locates the apical constriction in a 3D structure then the 2D image & also the error in handling method can easily be omitted. 6th generation Woodpecker Apex..
₹9,300 ₹11,500
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Endo Radar Plus
A brushless new generation cordless Endo Motor with integrated 5th generation apex locator, comes equipped with reciprocation function and apex action for precision root canal treatment. Endoradar plus is a combination of endo motor with integrated apex locator which saves space & time while performing endodontic treatment. It is a “Two in One” device with amazing features and smart technology to ease the work of the dentist. EndoMotor with apex locator can help you to minimize the numbe..
₹40,600 ₹42,000
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Frequently Asked Questions

Endoradar plus from DTE, Woodpecker comes with a reciprocation function to be used with reciprocation files in calcified and narrow canals. 

Yes, DTE Woodpecker Endoradar plus comes with integrated 5th generation apex locator for enhanced accuracy in endodontic treatment. 

NSK Endo Motors are compatible with all Ni-Ti files systems.

LED curing light is the dental equipment used for the polymerization of the resin based composites. The light used falls under the visible blue light spectrum. 

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