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Brand: Durr Dental Model: VS250S
VS 250S from Durr Dental, Germany, a quality and innovative wet-line suction system provides superior performance and can be flexibly installed in the dental clinic. It also takes care of the safety of the individual providing the maximum benefits. VS 250S dental suction machine provides high efficiency and makes it easier for the dentist to concentrate on the procedure. Key Features of VS 250S Dental Intraoral Suction: Robust VS technology with automatic separator Two stage se..
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Durr Suction VS300S Durr Suction VS300S
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Brand: Durr Dental Model: VS300S
VS 300S from Durr Dental, Germany is a wet-line suction system with innovative technology for high suction performance along with hygiene maintenance. Durr dental VS 300S suction system incorporates latest technology for an effective suctioning along with hygiene maintenance in the dental clinic. Key features of Durr Suction VS300S:Robust VS technology that allows “Two-stage separation” i.e. separation of solid wastage from the liquid to prevent water clogging in the main drainage line.&nbs..
₹116,135 ₹120,000
Brand: Durr Dental Model: Tornado1_Without Dryer
Tornado 1 Oil-free air Compressor from renowned brand, Durr Dental in Germany comes with robust technology for continuous operation in less power consumption. Since the expansion of its headquarters in New Delhi, India, Durr Dental has been one of the most trusted brands among dental surgeons. It is also one of the recognized socially responsible companies, which takes into account the unique needs of its clients as well as the larger society and the environment.Key Features Of The DURR Torn..
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