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Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays

About Dental X-Ray Machine

Dental X-Ray Machine allow the dental professional to better diagnose and plan treatment procedures by clearly looking at the internal radiolucent areas. Identifying and treating the dental diseases that can help the patient to save money.

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that can pass through solid objects or be absorbed. X-rays are ionizing radiation that carries enough energy to break the bond between molecules and ionize atoms. The hard tissues e.g. bone and tooth absorb this energy and are visible as light areas (Radiopaque) in the x-ray film whereas the soft tissues e.g. the gum, cheek muscles cannot absorb this energy hence appear darker in the film (Radiolucency).

DISCOVERY: Dental X-Ray Machine was discovered by WILHELM CONRAD ROENTGEN, November 8, 1895.

Dental X-Ray Machine Price List

Type Of Dental X-Ray BDD Special PriceMax Price
Genoray Portable Xray - Port X-II₹104,650/piece
Gnatus Timex 70E AC X-ray₹77,000/piece
Runyes Ray 68 DC Wall Mount X-Ray₹129,000/piece
Runyes Ray68 AC Dental X-Ray₹97,210/piece

Terms To Know About Dental X-Ray Unit

  1. Dental X-Ray Generator: It provides the source of power to the X-ray tube and equipped with high voltage transformer, filament and circuit.
  2. Cathode (Negative Terminal): Cathode contains a filament that gets heated up when electricity pass through it and it leads to production of electrons through a process called “Thermionic emission”
  3. Anode (Positive Terminal): I has tungsten disc. Fast-moving electrons interact with anode. 
  4. Kilovoltage (kVp): High voltage is applied to the cathode and anode, that produces fast moving electrons to move forward to anode for production. High energy Dental X-ray photons have better penetrating capacity that increases the quality of the image..
  5. Tube Current (mA): Increase in the tube current (mA) provide more power to the filament for heating up and release of more numbers of electrons to strike the anode. The quantity of the radiation is measured by mA.
  6. Exposure Time: It indicates the changes that occur when the time of exposure is increased with constant kVp and mA.
  7. Filtration: The higher the value of kVp, less dose of radiation is absorbed by the patient. The soft rays are filtered through this filtration. The filtration material can be Lead or Aluminum.
  8. Inverse Square Law: The intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the focal spot. Hence the intensity of x-ray decreases as the increase in the distance.
  9. Thermal Insulator: As during production 99% heat is generated, to reduce the heat buildup in the x-ray tube, it is coated with an insulation oil, that helps in cooling down of the tube after exposure.
Dental X-Ray Production

Dental X-Ray Machine are emitted when they collide and interfere with the target anode due to the rapid decrease in the rate of rapidly moving electron speed. In this process 99% of heat and less than 1% of Dental X-Ray Unit is generated. When the high-speed electrons lose energy in the target of X-Ry tube

Portable Dental X-Ray Machine Use in Dentistry
  • Decay between the teeth (Interproximal area)
  • Decay beneath existing fillings (Secondary Caries)
  • Horizontal or Vertical Bone loss in the jaw.
  • Changes in the bone or in the root canal due to infection.
  • Condition and position of teeth to help prepare for tooth implant, braces, dentures or other dental procedures.
  • Abscess (an infection at the root of a tooth or between the gum and a tooth).
  • Cysts and some types of tumors.
  • Impacted tooth
  • Fracture in the jaw
  • Development and growth of the teeth                                                                                     
Types of Dental Intraoral X-Ray Machine
  1. Periapical - It is used to detect any abnormality of the root structure and periapical area of the tooth including bone health, periodontal ligament or interproximal areas.
  2. Bitewing - To detect gum disease and determine the cast restoration and marginal integrity of the fillings.
  3. Occlusal - To detect full tooth development of the entire arch of the mouth.

EXTRAORAL: Mostly used to check the problems related to TMJ, sinus, impacted tooth, tumor growth or fractures in the jaw                         

Types of Dental Extraoral X-Ray Machine

  1. Panoramic X-Ray: It captures the entire image of the mouth at once and hence helps to detect any impacted tooth, helps in the diagnosis of tumor present and in orthodontic treatments.
  2. Sialography: It helps to visualize the salivary gland following the injection of a dye and helps to detect any salivary gland problem (e.g.- Sjogren’s syndrome)
  3. Tomograms: It shows slices of the mouth to determine any structure very clearly which are difficult to view.
  4. Computed Tomography: Widely used in dentistry to identify the bone fracture or tumor growth. It also helps in placement of the implant by evaluating the bone density.
Types Of Dental X-Ray Equipment
  • Portable X-ray Machine
  • Floor Mounted X-ray Machine
  • Wall Mounted X-Ray Machine     
According To The Source
  • AC X-Ray Machine
  • DC X-Ray Machine

The incoming AC electricity is like a sine wave. It has pulses that go up and down. The power level (or intensity) generated from the AC X-Ray matches this sine wave, and the actual power coming out of oscillates at 60 times per second just like the input electricity. 

A DC dental intraoral X-Ray changes this input electricity in a single pulse that maintains more of a consistent power level through the entire exposure.

Best dental deals have range of Portable Dental X-Ray Machines available online for the dental professionals for easy diagnosis of dental diseases and help in treatment planning.

Brand: Genoray Model: PORT_X_II
Port X II device from Genoray brand, a South Korean firm, which specialises in X ray medical devices, and has emerged as a leader in digital dentistry throughout the world. Since its foundation in the year 2001, Genoray has received several awards and accolades including the ‘Design Tech Innovation Award’ and the ’30 Million Dollar Export Award’.Genoray Portable X Ray Machine is a highly advanced digital X – ray companion that is preferred by dental professionals because of the safety (AERB Appr..
₹115,000 ₹120,000
Gnatus Timex 70E AC X-ray Gnatus Timex 70E AC X-ray
Top Brand
Brand: Gnatus Model: 70E
Gnatus, a Brazilian brand is well recognized for its excellent ergonomics and functionality through imaginative technology. It always satisfies the user’s requirement and brings improved features in its equipments. Gnatus Timex 70E AC dental x-ray is now available online in best dental deals in competitive price for the dentist.  This Gnatus dental X-ray enables the use of smoother movements along with this provides excellent flexibility in the different positions. Key Features of Gna..
₹77,000 ₹80,000
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