Dental Ultrasonic Scalers

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D-3 Scaler With LED Handpiece


Rs 9,975.00

Ex Tax: Rs 9,975.00

Unicorn Denmart is offering D-3 Scaler With LED from the renowned brand - WOODPECKER. Designed by using sturdy components and latest technology, this scaler is highly ensured for its good functionality. Moreover, its compact size and table top design allows the user to use it or place it e..


D-3 Woodpecker Scaler with Non-Optic Handpiece


Rs 8,820.00

Ex Tax: Rs 8,820.00

Buy D-3 Woodpecker Scaler With Non-LED Handpiece from Unicorn Denmart and trigger your dentistry to move with efficiency. Offered at highly competitive rates, this scaler makes the scaling process completely stress free as it is equipped with light weight Titanium hand piece. In addit..


D-5 Woodpecker Scaler with Non-Optic Handpiece


Rs 10,870.00

Ex Tax: Rs 10,870.00

Unicorn Denmart is offering Non-LED D-5 Woodpecker Scaler with 5 Tips & Endo Kit to its respectable Doctors. This scaler is engineered in compact & ergonomic design by using cutting edge technology to ensure the dentists about its accurate & precise functioning as well as ..

D-5 Woodpecker Scaler with Optic Handpiece


D-5 Woodpecker Scaler with Optic Handpiece


Rs 12,180.00

Rs 12,600.00

Ex Tax: Rs 12,180.00

D-5 Scaler LED from Woodpecker is the sought-after product in the market that fulfills the scaling, perio and endo needs of dentistry. Its table top design allows the user to use it in convenient manner besides maintaining the comfort of the patient.Features:Automatic degenerative feedbackConst..


NSK Varios 570 Scaler

Rs 34,000.00

Ex Tax: Rs 34,000.00

Offered NSK Scaler is a compact unit which has versatile functions with large power dial and clear indication. Furthermore, its large water volume knob helps you to make easy, comfortable and patient-friendly power and water supply adjustment.Varios 570 offers thre..


Woodpecker D-7 LED Scaler

Rs 26,250.00

Ex Tax: Rs 26,250.00

Unicorn Denmart has brought a new generation Ultrasonic Scaler from the house of Woodpecker, namely DTE D7 LED Scaler at less price. Designed by using cutting edge technologies, this scaler can be considered as an indispensable equipment for teeth disease prevention and treatment. Furtherm..


Woodpecker DTE V2 Ultrasonic Scaler

Rs 9,450.00

Ex Tax: Rs 9,450.00

This Scaler is calssified further in two variants viz LED and Non-LED. Unicorn has brought to you a built-in scaler from Woodpecker. This DTE V2 ultrasonic scaler is designed to be used for teeth cleaning which is used along with dental unit. Doctors highly recommend this model for de..


Woodpecker DTE V3 LED Built-in Scaler

Rs 11,550.00

Ex Tax: Rs 11,550.00

Offered DTE V3 LED built in ultrasonic scaler from woodpecker is offered by unicorn at best price. It is designed to perform endo function with 100% accuracy and precision. Moreover, its detachable autoclavable handpiece is made up of titanium alloy to make it strengthen and long lasting.F..

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