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Dental Ultrasonic Scalers

Dental Ultrasonic Scalers

About Ultrasonic Scalers

An Ultrasonic Scaler is an instinctively designed electrical device with piezon technology to optimize patient comfort and enhanced efficacy.  Dental Scalers is used to remove all sorts of plaque, calculus, tartar, biofilm, etc. from the tooth surface using high-frequency vibrations.

Ultrasonic Scaler Price List

Type Of Ultrasonic Scalers
BDD Special Price
Max Price
New Woodpecker Inbuilt MODEL V6 Scaler (Inbuilt OF D5)₹10,000/piece
NSK Scaler -Varios 570 Scaler₹38,080/piece
WoodpeckerInbuilt MODEL V2 Scaler₹10,000/piece₹11,500/piece
Woodpecker Scaler - U6₹19,040/piece₹22,000/piece
Woodpecker Scaler D3₹10,600/piece
Woodpecker Scaler D5₹12,500/piece

Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Vibrations

Piezon technology is one of the prevailing innovations around the world, and is famous for the delicate, yet effective treatment that it delivers. It coalesces with advanced features to enhance the performance and also, improve the patient's experience.

Key Features Of Piezo Dental Ultrasonic Scaler
  • Linear movement on the tooth surface for increased patient’s comfort and without any hamper.
  • Power setting option for custom-defined treatment as per the case.
  • Smart technology for automatic tracking of the hard deposits and increase the power for effective and smooth scaling.
  • Woodpecker Dental Scaler has automatic frequency tracking whereas NSK Dental Scaler has a feedback function for the effective removal of tartar and stains.
  • High level efficacy to provide better patient comfort & reliable operations.
  • Less noise makes the scaler more congenial
  • Various treatment modes for oral prophylaxis, periodontal treatment as well as endodontic irrigation using endo tip for uninterrupted performance.
  • Endo scaling using endo mode in dental scaler for irrigation, foreign body removal, pulp stone removal, and orifice locating can also be performed.
  • Effectively removes stains and calculus deposited on the tooth surface
  • High quality dental scalers handpieces that are easily detachable and put for steam sterilization in an autoclave to prevent cross-contamination.
Applications For Dental Scalers
  • Supragingival & subgingival calculus removal
  • Stains & tartar removal from the tooth surface
  • Root planning procedures
  • Periodontal pocket debris removal
  • Scaling before any the dental surgical procedure or orthodontic treatments
  • Removal of plaque from the furcation areas.

Buy the best Dental Ultrasonic Scaler in India from renowned brands NSK, Woodpecker etc., from all over the world with different applications of various dental procedures. 

Brand: Woodpecker Model: Inbuilt OF D5
V6 inbuilt scaler to be integrated into dental chairs of DTE brand that conforms to the concept of better quality and the central methodology of R&D for the availability of budget-friendly dental products.  DTE V6 inbuilt scaler comes with various amazing features for comfortable dental scaling and is widely accepted by dental professionals all over the world. Key Features Of V6 Scaler:• Endo mode in addition to general prophylaxis and perio mode provides dentist a flexible operati..
₹9,500 ₹11,500
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Inbuitl of D3 Led
Woodpecker offers DTE Inbuilt scaler V2 to their respective customers to keep in sync with time and extra flexibility in oral prophylaxis procedures. This inbuilt model V2 Scaler is designed especially for advanced comprehensive dental chairs. This V2 scaler is available online in Best Dental deals at decent prices for dental professionals. Key Features Of Model V2 Scaler: Easily detachable and autoclavable handpiece that provides aseptic operation in dental clinics. ..
₹10,500 ₹12,000
Brand: Woodpecker Model: U6
Woodpecker U6 scaler to improve your skills with its multiple functionalities. This is a modern scaler with an improved patient comfort level and enhanced endo functions. This piezon scaler is used to remove plaque, calculus, tartar from Supragingival as well as subgingival areas. Key Features for Scaler Woodpecker: Simple compact design with easy installation in the dental unit. Smart ultrasensitive touch system with waterproof design makes it easy to use. Microcomputer co..
₹19,040 ₹22,000
Brand: Woodpecker Model:  118002D3LED
DTE D3 Non-Optic scaler in economical range with piezoelectric technology that provides comfortable scaling and enhances the patient experience. Woodpecker scaler D3 of DTE is a very durable product. This ultrasonic scaler device uses electrical energy & produces high-frequency ultrasonic vibration with cavitation effect on the tip for the effective elimination of stains & calculus from the tooth surface. It comes with a few key points that make this device one of the most desirabl..
₹10,000 ₹11,000
Brand: Woodpecker Model:  118002D5LED
Woodpecker D5 Scaler remove plaque and calculus from the tooth surface in the scaling procedure. This device meets all specifications of the dentist. Woodpecker DTE D5 Ultrasonic Scaler is a power-driven scaler that converts high frequency electrical energy into high-frequency sound waves to effectively remove all types’ stains and hard deposits.  Key Features:D5 Scaler has optic as well as a non-optic handpiece that increases the visibility & best adapted for clinical ope..
₹12,000 ₹13,000
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Frequently Asked Questions

U6 LED scaler from DTE, Woodpecker has the latest technology, Sine Wave Drive that avoids stimulation and provide smooth vibration to the tip to enhance the comfort of the patient, mainly patient with dentinal hypersensitivity case. 

Yes, DTE D3 scaler handpiece can easily be detachable and autoclavable at 135 degree C in a B class autoclave. 

The V6 inbuilt scaler model installed in a dental chair, it comes with a potentiometer to change the mode of the scaler i.e., General, Perio and Endo. You can easily switch the mode and use the scaler as per your requirement. 

Yes, we have Dental Ultrasonic Scaler from DTE brand China, DTE D5 and U6 LED scaler with Endo mode for root canal Irrigation, also NSK Varios 570 scaler from Nakanishi NSK, Japan available with Endo mode.

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