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Dental Suction

Dental Suction

Many patients are not aware that during their dental treatment procedures, the device that the dental assistant uses for aspiration of saliva and oral fluids from the mouth has a significant effect on the practice’s safety and wellbeing.

To decrease the amount of spray and spatter produced, a Dental Suction device aspirates the saliva, blood and other oral fluids from the patient mouth during dental procedures. These devices are commonly used during dental scaling, restorations, cosmetic procedures and other surgical procedures etc. They retain a steady static vacuum pressure and have different size of opening with provision of limited pump output to use by the dentist as per the requirement.

Uses of Dental Suction Machine:

  • To maintain the clear operation field
  • To enhance the visibility
  • To maintain proper respiration of the patient during procedure
  • Helpful to maintain the dry field during restorative procedures
  • Helpful for maximize the bonding of dental restorative material with tooth surface.
  • Aspiration of debris from the mouth
  • Aspiration of aerosols to prevent infections

Types of Dental Suction Units:

  • Intraoral Suction device is used inside the oral cavity of the patient. A suction pipe is attached to the suction tubing for aspiration of saliva and bodily fluids from the mouth.

Types of Intraoral Suction System:

  • Dry Suction System
  • Wet Suction System

Dry Suction system has a jar type structure, where all the aspirated liquid is stored, then it can be drained.

Wet suction system has the drainage system through the device itself. These are connected with the dental chair with the high vacuum suction line. It is used during dental surgical procedures where high suction power is required.

  • Extraoral Suction Device is used outside the mouth. It mostly aspirates the aerosols formed during dental treatment procedures. When the high-speed air rotor or dental scalers are used inside mouth, the high pressurized water along with patient’s saliva produces a mist type droplet, known as aerosols. These aerosols remain suspended in the air for longer period, causing infections to a healthy individual. These extraoral suction system aspirates the aerosols and filters, releasing purified air to the clinical environment.

Suction Machine for Dental use are more helpful in maintaining the hygiene in dental clinical environment. Throughout the patient care, dental suction machine make patient feel more relaxed along with this minimize the spread of microbial infections. This encourage the patient to visit the dentist for any kind of dental treatment without the stress of the safety during the treatment. Best dental deals has the list of various types of dental suction devices to meet the requirements of the dentist. 

Brand: Durr Dental Model: VS250S
VS 250S from Durr Dental, Germany, a quality and innovative wet-line suction system provides superior performance and can be flexibly installed in the dental clinic. It also takes care of the safety of the individual providing the maximum benefits. VS 250S dental suction machine provides high efficiency and makes it easier for the dentist to concentrate on the procedure. Key Features of VS 250S Dental Intraoral Suction: Robust VS technology with automatic separator Two stage se..
₹65,000 ₹72,000
Durr Suction VS300S Durr Suction VS300S
Out Of Stock
Brand: Durr Dental Model: VS300S
VS 300S from Durr Dental, Germany is a wet-line suction system with innovative technology for high suction performance along with hygiene maintenance. Durr dental VS 300S suction system incorporates latest technology for an effective suctioning along with hygiene maintenance in the dental clinic. Key features of Durr Suction VS300S:Robust VS technology that allows “Two-stage separation” i.e. separation of solid wastage from the liquid to prevent water clogging in the main drainage line.&nbs..
₹116,135 ₹120,000
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: DS1000
ExtraOral Dental Suction - Dynamic DS1000 comes with powerful aerosol aspiration capacity to prevent aerosol transmitted viral infection and safe-guard clinical environment.. In dental clinic, doctors can use the ultrasonic scaler, 3-way syringe, high speed or low speed red ring handpiece that generate large quantities of aerosol in conjunction with bacteria & viruses such as saliva & blood.ExtraOral Dental Suction - DS1000 Has The Below Key Points: Protection from a..
₹47,000 ₹50,000
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: VMAX
Vmax 450 wet-line suction system, a valuable addition to your dental chair for high suction performance and maintenance of hygiene in the dental clinic. It is highly preferred by dental professionals across the globe because of its high tech design and noise reduction feature. If you are looking for a suction system that can be easily programmed with your existing dental chair, the VMAX system will be a valuable addition to your dental practice.Using the VMAX 450 suction system during res..
₹37,000 ₹40,000
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