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Dental Laser

Dental Laser

About Dental Laser

Laser is abbreviation for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. Dental laser technology helps dentists to perform various procedures. With benefits, including faster healing time and less damage to the gum. Less anaesthetic for the majority of operations. Less post-operative Painmake dental care for dentists and patients a more moderate and pleasant experience.

However, traditional procedures, the use of a scalpel and stitches can cause a great deal of pain when surgery is required. Dental Laser therapy offers patients greater ease, less bleeding, quicker recovery, and improved health outcomes than traditional therapies. The best dental soft tissue laser provides so many applications and benefits. Can restore damaged tissue and improve patient acceptance during laser therapy. Laser's Dentistry provides a smoother and more comfortable experience with all of the following Treatment:

  1. Treatment of Root Canal Diseases
  2. Treating Gum Disease
  3. Removal of gum disease
  4. Prevent the Gum Recession
  5. Enhance the Gummy Smile
  6. Tooth Cavity Repair
  7. Biopsies
  8. Pericoronitis Treatment
  9. Exposing wisdom teeth
  10. Damaged nerves regenerating
  11. Removal of oral benign tumors
  12. Canker sores medication
  13. Tongue-tie treatment
  14. Teeth Whitening.

Dental Laser Price List

Type Of Dental LaserBDD Special PriceMax Price
Biolase Soft Tissue Diode Laser - EPIC X₹360,000/piece
Biolase Soft Tissue Laser - iLase₹175,000/piece

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

In laser dentistry, the therapy you get without losing the effect is dramatic. Overall, you will reap a variety of benefits, including. This provides deep analgesia, i.e. lower tension due to less postoperative stress. For patients, discomfort. Photo-biomodulation aids in 3D Healing and Regeneration.  Soft Tissue Dental Laser has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral tissue disinfection features and can also be used in patients who are medically compromised, such as Cases involving pregnant women and pacemakers.

  • Reduce time for treatment
  • Reduces the need for drills and needles
  • Avoid the stress of drills and needles
  • Painless & Bloodless
  • Less trauma to the tissue
  • No postoperative inflammation
  • Less chance of drug interaction
  • Less risk of cross-contamination
  • Reduce time for treatment
  • Patient comfort
  • Promote conservative treatment
Diode Laser in Oral Surgery

Laser Dentistry is one of today's most revolutionary dental therapies. Dental Laser, an extremely precise, exceptionally gentle dental experience. It uses unique technologies that combine concentrated light with thermal energy. Traditional techniques, the use of a scalpel, and stitches, however can cause a lot of pain when surgery is needed. Diode laser in Oral Surgery therapy provides patients with greater convenience, less bleeding, faster healing, and better health outcomes than conventional therapies. Laser Dentistry enables the dentist to perform a broad range of beneficial procedures, including: 

  • Faster recovery time with less gum trauma. 
  • Less anaesthetic for most operations. 
  • Less post-surgical pain. 
  • Made dental treatment a more enjoyable experience for Dentist as well as patient.
Dental Laser Equipment's For Periodental Treatments

Studies show that heart disease, diabetes and cancer are Periodontal disease-associated. So, if you have gum disease, it is very important for your general well-being that you receive treatment. Now with Laser, we are able to track the bacteria in mouth to avoid development of gum disease and bringing the gums back to normal. Dental lasers can be prescribed during the early stages of gum disease as part of your treatment plan.

Major Benefits in Periodontics, including
  • Removes gums that bleed 
  • Reduces red, swollen, gum-related pain that they are tender 
  • Encourages swift healing
Dental Laser in Oral Lesions

Canker's sores and cold sores are a debilitating annoyance. They can find it impossible to speak or eat, and they always seem to take away forever. Luckily, Dental Laser can treat these sores on your lips, tongue, inner cheek, and gums comfortably and efficiently—often relieving pain right away. When your cancer has been diagnosed with a sore or cold sore, Epic treatment is easy.

  • Laser treatment is easy once the cancer pain or cold sore has been diagnosed.
  • Laser energy is only added to the sore for a few minutes.
  • Most people are experiencing immediate pain relief
  • Sores normally heal faster when treated with Laser
  • Avoid prescription drugs for your discomfort, avoid its side 
  • Effects, and avoid potential drug reactions.
Laser magnifies smile emergence

The laser technique is also used to whiten teeth to activate the bleaching gel. The technique of laser whitening takes just 20 minutes, which is Less sensitive. This means that less time is spent going back and forth to the dentist's office. It also means that less time is spent away from work and that less time is spent. Sitting in a dental chair, resulting in a more comfortable atmosphere for patient. Laser Whitening is ideal for those looking for instant results. The efficiency of laser whitening makes it the perfect option for busy people. Compared to days of wearing trays and gradual whitening, individuals.

Laser Pain Management

The Dental Laser serves as a healing device that helps temporarily increase your blood flow and temporarily relax your muscles. The laser therapy is capable of momentarily alleviating joint pain and stiffness. Care takes around 5-10 minutes for each venue, so it's easy and convenient for busy schedules. Patients should come in for extra services as required by the healthcare provider. In the United States, about 5-12% of people experience TMJ-related pain. Until recently, injections, physical therapy, night guards, and anti-inflammatory medications have typically been treated, which can have side effects when used for prolonged periods of time.

Today, successful treatment with the use of laser therapy for pain management gives you a reason to smile. The soft tissue diode lasers are available online in Best Dental Deals for the dental professionals to upgrade their dental clinic with advanced laser system and provide their patients a comfortable treatment. 

Brand: Biolase Model:  151043EPICX
Epic X diode laser system, imported from Biolase USA.  Biolase is devoted to delivering the industry with the finest standards and the most robust dental lasers. Unicorn Denmart is the sole distributor of Biolase in India to provide every Indian dentist the extensive sales & service support and to make this process even easier, this is also available online in the best dental deals at a very decent price. Epic X diode laser is devoted to delivering the industry with the finest stan..
₹387,500 ₹390,000
Brand: Biolase Model: Epicx 940
The BIOLASE LaserWhite20 whitening gel is a patented dental whitening solution that works in combination with the Epicx 940 nm laser system. The laser activates the LaserWhite20TM whitening gel via a specialized hand piece and delivery system. The whitening gel was created using chromophore technology and is compatible with Biolase diode laser systems. The Epic X 940 nm laser systems are intended for use only by dentists in combination with the LaserWhite20 whitening gel for partial and ful..
₹5,780 ₹7,000
Brand: Biolase Model: E4-400
Laser energy must be focused at the end of the laser tips for localised soft tissue removal. This requires depositing the absorptive material at the end of the tip called tip initiation. After Tip initiation the Laser energy absorbs in this material allowing ineffective soft tissue removal. Thus, laser tips and their selection play a very important role in the treatment of Soft Tissue Laser clinical cases.Biolase Laser Tips are autoclavable and single-use tips. It is available in ..
₹990 ₹1,100
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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental laser has noteworthy benefits in performing the dental surgical procedures. 

  • Less chair side time

  • Less pain

  • Less trauma to the tissues

  • No post-operative trauma

  • Less risk of cross-contamination

Dental laser is also very useful in the teeth whitening process. Laser White 2.0 is applied to the surface of teeth. It takes a total 20 min that saves chair side time for the dentist. It provides more comfort to the patient due to less sensitivity. 

Dental laser when applied to an inflamed muscle in case of sprain, it temporarily increases the blood flow and temporarily relaxes the muscles. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to increase patient comfort.

It is helpful in relieving the gum bleeding, debridement, improves gingiva healing, also various procedures e.g. gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, gingival troughing, frenectomy, curettage etc.

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