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Micromotor Handpieces

Micromotor Handpieces
Brand: NSK Model: M25_Non-Optic
Best Dental Deals Offer NSK M25, that is a sleek, ergonomically engineered low-speed handpiece with a blue ring system to improve the productivity of the dentist. NSK “ISB” (Integrated Shaft Bearing) decreases vibration and ensures a more reliable and accurate performance. NSK S Max M25 offers q..
₹18,900 ₹20,000
Brand: NSK Model: m65
Best Dental Deals has an M65 handpiece from the S-Max series of NSK. This straight handpiece provides ease of operation to the dentist with its unique features that make this handpiece widely acceptable. For each dental professional, best dental deals make this handpiece available to carry out d..
₹18,900 ₹20,000
Brand: NSK Model: M95_optic
Best Dental deals Present S-Max M95 low-speed contra-angle handpiece that is the next-generation model of NSK. This NSK M95 is a blend of ergonomic elegance and smooth cutting sensation. It has astounding strength and excellent grip for lucrative, effective cutting. This dental contra-angle hand..
₹28,900 ₹30,000
Brand: NSK Model: SG20
Best dental deals offer NSK SG20 handpiece for all precise surgical applications like Oral & Maxillofacial surgery and dental Implant surgery. It provides clinicians with optimum comfort and versatility. NSK S-Max SG20 handpiece is ISO-E type and it provides reliable and accurate torque with ..
₹24,400 ₹26,000
Tornado Contra Angle Handpiece Tornado Contra Angle Handpiece
-17 %
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: TornadoCA
Best Dental Deals offer Contra Angle Handpiece that is designed to promote more skilled user comfort and to greatly minimize operational duration for their patients. With the revolutionary approach, it is easier to enter such inaccessible and hard to see locations, thereby improving efficiency a..
₹2,900 ₹3,500
Tornado Straight Handpiece
-17 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Strong
Best Dental Deals offer Tornado Straight handpiece from Being Foshan brand that provides excellent performance and user- comfortability to dental professionals all over the world. It is one of the most demanded handpieces and is available online for the dentists to buy at a decent price without ..
₹2,900 ₹3,500
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