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Air Rotor Handpiece

Air Rotor Handpiece

About Air Rotor Handpiece

Air Rotor Handpiece also known as air turbines or high-speed handpieces. This is attached to the couplings in the dental chair to perform various dental procedures. This device uses compressed air to rotate at high speed. This is used to remove the decayed tooth, fractured restorations, sectioning of tooth, tooth preparations for various prostheses etc.

Air Rotor Handpiece Price List

Type Of Air Rotor HandpieceBDD Special PriceMax Price
NSK Dyna LED Mini/Standard Head Handpiece₹22,200/piece
NSK FX Plus With ARV Handpiece₹10,500/piece
NSK S-Max Pico Non-Optic High Speed Handpiece₹14,400/piece
Tornado Standard and Mini Head Handpiece₹2,900/piece
Tornado Super Torque Handpiece₹2,900/piece
Tornado Super Torque Push Button Handpiece₹3,600/piece

Types of Air Rotors

1 - Standard Head Air Rotor handpiece:

The most basic type of handpiece used in dental clinics by dental professionals. It has a standard head size that can be used inside the oral cavity of adults. It has greater torque and better cutting power.

2 – Mini Head Air Rotor Handpiece:

Specially crafted handpiece with miniature head size for easy insertion of the handpiece to the last molar region within the oral cavity. It also enhances the visibility of tooth and its parts in patients with trismus, peado patients, patients with TMJ disorders who have less mouth opening, etc. This head size provides optimum comfort and effortless operation to a dental professional.

3 – Optic Handpiece/ LED Handpiece:

Working inside the oral cavity involves adequate visibility, for which LED handpieces plays a vital role. The Fiber Optic cable or Cellular Glass Optic cable improves the visibility of the handpiece inside the oral cavity.

Key Features
  • Excellent Durability or increased life span of dental air rotors.
  • Superb functionality that makes the dentist work effortlessly without hand fatigue.
  • Less noise and smooth vibration for better function.
  • Improved grip to prevent slipping while working on the patient.
  • The Unicorn Denmart NSK handpieces come with push-button type rather than chuck type to make the bur switching easier.
  • It has an anti-retraction valve to prevent the backflow of saliva or blood to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Easy replaceable cartridges for non-stop working by a doctor.
  • Better after-sale service by Unicorn Denmart team for handpiece cartridge replacement and other services.
How To Maintain an Air Rotor Dental Handpiece?

To maintain an efficient, productive dental practice, the proper functioning of the handpiece is crucial. You need to consider the list mentioned below to make your dental handpiece last longer:

  • Maintain ideal pressure on the dental chair to maintain the handpiece i.e. 2.8 bar or 40 Psi. Higher air pressure does not imply better output in cutting.
  • Prior to lubrication/ sterilization, careful cleaning of the handpiece prevents the handpiece from being damaged.
  • For rigorous lubrication and cleansing of the internal parts of the handpiece like cartridge and bearings, bur should be removed first.
  • Care should be taken to disinfect any fiber optic surfaces of the LED handpiece with cotton swab and alcohol to prevent debris from building up which can impact transmission of light.
Why You Should Buy NSK Air Rotor From Best Dental Deals?

Best dental deals provide the best NSK Air Rotor in India at affordable price. We also take care of the hygiene maintenance inside the dental clinic to provide a better environment for both doctors and staff. Being among the dental industry’s leading organizations, We are actively engaged in supplying of NSK, Tornado Air Rotor Handpiece of premium quality. Our dedicated service team actively responds to any query from the doctor regarding the working of a handpiece or maybe cartridge replacement so that dentist’s work should not be impeded.

Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Tornado 401P-B2
Junior Tornado Standard Head High Speed Handpiece With Triple Water Spray Cooling System provides better work efficiency to the dentist due to the ergonomic design and a peace of mind because of the longer life span of the cartridge. Key FeaturesSlim Handpieces with anti-slippery and comfortable grip. Available in standard head & mini head sizeAutoclavable at 135-degree C to prevent cross contamination. Fiber Optic handpiece with long life span for improved visibilityPerfect a..
₹1,900 ₹2,090
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Tornado 401P-B2
Junior Tornado Super Torque High Speed Handpiece With 4 Whole Water Spray provide better work efficiency to the dentist due to the ergonomic design and a peace of mind because of the longer life span of the cartridge. Key FeaturesSlim Handpieces with anti-slippery and comfortable grip. Available in standard head & mini head sizeAutoclavable at 135-degree C to prevent cross contamination. Fiber Optic handpiece with long life span for improved visibilityPerfect angulation of the..
₹1,900 ₹2,090
Brand: NSK Model: Dyna500L
NSK Dyna LED Air Rotor handpiece, manufactured with excellent performance and enduring reliability as a result of NSK Micro-precision Engineering. This revolutionary Dyna LED turbine provides a versatile integrated mini power generator that, when connected to any regular non-optic air tubing, provides long-life, day-light quality LED lighting. Dental Professionals will immediately be benefitted from LED lighting on their dental equipment at the expense of the turbine. As a high priority fo..
Brand: NSK Model: FX Plus
In modern dental practises, the New FX Plus high- speed handpiece with 30W & ARV technology has been improved in quality to meet the requirement of the dental professionals. The new equipped technology of ARV (Anti-retraction Valve) helps to prevent reverse flow of debris into the hand-piece thus avoiding cross contamination through water. With the combination of NSK's air turbine simulation technologies, FX Plus is significantly more efficient than its successors. This new model b..
Brand: NSK Model:  114004P1140/1218
NSK S-Max Pico non-optic handpiece, an advanced air turbine with innovative technology that has been designed for minimum interruption operations. The unique design of the handpiece supports it for a better view of the operational field and also provides greater versatility with its precision engineering. Now it is inexpensive to make NSK S-Max Pico Non-Optic High-Speed Handpiece with just click of a button by buying online at a competitive price.Key Features Ultra Mini head&nb..
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: TornadoStandard
Tornado High-speed handpiece that has excellent reliability combined with quality technology via the selection of high-quality materials and extremely high operating efficiency. These are designed to enhance clinical user comfort and to dramatically reduce the procedural duration for their patients. The uniquely designed head size i.e. Tornado Standard and Mini Head Handpiece provides users with a specialized level of visibility and maneuverability. Key Features: With min..
₹3,010 ₹3,500
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: supertorque
Tornado Super Torque air rotor handpiece that is one of the most demanded dental high-speed handpieces in the market due to its unadorned and portable design.Key Features For Super Torque Handpiece: Consists of both high-quality and durable materials. It is corrosion resistant. Super Torque head provides faster cutting efficiency. Better patient experience with faster treatment. It can be autoclavable at 134 degrees C to prevent cross-contamination and extra s..
₹3,010 ₹3,500
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: TornadoSuperTorque
We provide our honorable dentists with extremely durable Tornado super torque push-button air rotor handpiece from Being Foshan brand, which is well crafted and assured with high functionality by using quality certified material. Key Features Of Tornado Push Button Handpiece: Push Button Handpiece is easy for exchange. Super torque head has excellent cutting efficiency. Enhanced patient experience with faster treatment. Highly durable handpiece It p..
₹3,820 ₹4,000
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Frequently Asked Questions

NSK is a renowned brand across the globe for its reliability and durability. Its body has the Dura Coat that makes the handpiece scratch less. Its ceramic bearings provide less vibration, less noise and less heat generation that increases the life of cartridges. Along with this, the handpiece also has the Clean Head system to prevent entry of oral fluids inside the handpiece. All these features make the handpiece durable. 

The clean head system in NSK dental handpieces works by 4 holes available on the head of the handpiece. When the doctor releases the foot control, negative pressure gets generated and oral fluids can enter to the head of the handpiece, which may cause cross-contamination. Here the 4-holes on the head of the handpiece prevent the entry of any oral fluid into the head and maintain the hygiene. Due to this function, the bearings and the mechanical parts also last longer.

NSK handpieces have a Quattro water spray system in the head of the handpiece. Quattro means four. There are 4 holes in the head of the handpiece from which water sprays on the tissues to provide enhanced cooling effect. Due to cutting action of the bur, heat is generated that may damage the vital tissues e.g. pulp in the tooth. For preventing the tissue necrosis Quattro water spray effectively increases the tissue cooling.

Yes, NSK Dyna LED handpiece has Dynamo, a micropower generator inside the handpiece which works through the compressor. When the foot control is pressed, the air pressure comes inside the handpiece and Dynamo generates daylight quality illumination for which the handpiece becomes optic and improves the visibility of the operating field.

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