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Air Motor Handpiece

Air Motor Handpiece
Strong Straight Handpiece
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Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Strong AT2
Strong Striaght Handpiece is used for holding various disks, cups, or burs, used to prepare a tooth to receive a restoration or to contour, clean, or polish a tooth or restoration.Technical Features:Speed 35,000 RPM Light weight - 56 gm 1:1 ratio handpiece Features High Smooth vibrationsSt..
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Tornado Air Motor Handpiece Tornado Air Motor Handpiece
New -13 %
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Air-motor
Best Dental Deals Present Being Foshan Tornado Air motor engine with a premium quality that makes dental care more professional. Air motor systems are the products of intensive research and studies by experts to provide dentists with the highest efficiency. Dental Air-motor can be used instead of..
₹3,500 ₹4,000
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