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Dental Handpieces

Dental Handpieces

One of the most used equipment in dentistry is Dental Handpieces. It can increase the performance of daily dental activities. The only change which we can presently see is a lot of improvements that have really strengthened the current workflow. Handpieces have steadily been updated and redesigned over the years to become the extremely precise and advanced equipment they are today. These indispensable devices continue to be improved by technological advances. 

To help ensure the smooth running of daily operations, it is important to choose the best Dental Handpiece. The two primary handpieces forms, air-driven or motor-driven, have specific features with particular advantages and disadvantages. Both types of handpieces can deliver operational excellence, but it is necessary to consider the variations and benefits of each type.

Uses of Handpiece in Dentistry:

It depends on what procedure you perform for your patients and what you want when it comes to your comfort & use while choosing the right dental handpiece for your practice.

Air Driven Handpieces:

In dentistry various innovations take place, and a few are highly effective than others. Almost around 60 years ago, the inventions of the air-rotor handpiece proved to be a technological development that has truly revolutionized the way dentists perform cavity preparation for tooth restoration. The use of “high-speed” air-driven handpieces allowed clinicians to operate more quickly for faster treatment. 

In order to make the design more ergonomic, the heads have been upgraded to smaller sizes for better patient excess, the turbines with less noise, and the easy bur exchange to save time for the dentist.

Motor-Driven Handpieces:

Motor-driven handpieces play an important role as they provide an added advantage for the dentist with the availability of a wide range of revolutions per minute(rpm). One important difference is that there is a specific rpm with stable torque so that the resisting power of the bur can easily cut through the tooth or restorative material without a reduction in speed. In modern dentistry, where multidisciplinary treatment methods are becoming extremely popular, this clinical flexibility is very advantageous. 

Comparison between Air Driven and Motor-Driven Handpieces:

1.    Sound: Motor-driven handpieces are quieter for an operation that is more comfortable for patients and dentists.

2.   Speed: The motor-driven handpieces deliver a constant speed irrespective of the resistance build-up compared to the air-driven type. As a consequence of steady speed, it also helps to deliver a smoother and more accurate cutting edge. Higher speed can be achieved in air-driven handpieces than motor-driven handpieces.

3.     Torque: Air-driven handpieces have a lower torque when compared to an electrically driven handpiece. 

4.     Cutting Efficiency: The motor-driven handpiece has higher cutting efficiency due to constant speed and higher torque. It helps the dentist for faster treatment.

Tips To Be Considered When Choosing A Best Dental Handpiece:

1.     Type of propulsion: Depending on the dental procedure, a dentist needs to choose the right handpiece, as both air or motor-driven handpieces have their own advantages.

2.    Light: During dental operations, good visibility of the oral cavity is a must. Optic and non-optic handpieces both have their own significance. The lighting handpieces are significantly more costly than the versions without integrated illumination, but they greatly facilitate the dentist’s work.

3.     Head Size: The head size is a very important point since it depends on the kind of treatment and the link to the bur. In the area of operation, smaller heads can have greater access and visibility. It is important to take this into account while making the decision to buy. 

4.    Weight of the handpiece: Dental Handpiece that is light in weight provide optimum comfort to the dentist and reduce the hand fatigue while performing long procedures. 

5.     Cartridge: The handpiece cartridge should be easily replaceable and easily available as it can provide an uninterrupted workflow for the dentist. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Of The Dental Handpiece:

For any contra angle handpiece to operate at its full potential and efficiency, proper maintenance is essential. One of the key causes of early turbine failure is known to be debris. Since the handpiece is an integral part of the dental practice, it is necessary to carry out a routine maintenance regime. 

Handpiece lubricant spray offers congruous cleaning, purging the debris to keep turbines running optimally for a longer period of time. This translates into less need to upgrade turbines and minimizes the expenses of handpiece repair. 

Sterilization of High-Speed Handpiece: 

It is preferred that the sterilization procedure does not surpass maximum allowable temperatures in order to extend the life of your handpieces. A class B advanced autoclave is the best choice for this since they are safe and reliable for sterilization of dental handpieces with a triple vacuum cycle. 

Key Features of Dental Handpieces:

  • A wide range for selection of types of dental high speed and low speed handpiece
  • A decent price with advanced features to provide the dentist a peace of mind.
  • Dental handpieces with higher torque and more power for faster treatment 
  • Light weight handpieces that are comfortable for a dentist
  • Less noise that reduces the patient’s anxiety for the treatment to be performed.
  • Availability of dental handpieces from renowned brands like NSK & Being Foshan, helps the dentist to choose the right handpiece for the dental clinic.
  • Motor-driven handpiece with an increased gear ratio to provide faster cutting efficiency.
  • Motor-driven handpieces that generate less aerosol, prevent the risk of aerosol transmitted infections.
  • It can be sterilized at 135 degrees C to prevent the risk of cross-contamination.

In any dental operations, dental handpiece is an essential aspect. As per the requirement of the dentist for the variety of dental procedures, and the demand for greater accuracy and performance, innovation in handpiece technology will continue to play a crucial role.

Brand: NSK Model: Dyna500L
NSK Dyna LED Air Rotor handpiece, manufactured with excellent performance and enduring reliability as a result of NSK Micro-precision Engineering. This revolutionary Dyna LED turbine provides a versatile integrated mini power generator that, when connected to any regular non-optic air tubing, provides long-life, day-light quality LED lighting. Dental Professionals will immediately be benefitted from LED lighting on their dental equipment at the expense of the turbine. As a high priority fo..
₹22,200 ₹25,000
NSK FX Plus With ARV Handpiece NSK FX Plus With ARV Handpiece
Out Of Stock
Brand: NSK Model: FX Plus
In modern dental practises, the New FX Plus high- speed handpiece with 30W & ARV technology has been improved in quality to meet the requirement of the dental professionals. The new equipped technology of ARV (Anti-retraction Valve) helps to prevent reverse flow of debris into the hand-piece thus avoiding cross contamination through water. With the combination of NSK's air turbine simulation technologies, FX Plus is significantly more efficient than its successors. This new model b..
₹10,500 ₹12,000
Brand: NSK Model: M25_Non-Optic
NSK M25, that is a sleek, ergonomically engineered low-speed handpiece with a blue ring system to improve the productivity of the dentist. NSK “ISB” (Integrated Shaft Bearing) decreases vibration and ensures a more reliable and accurate performance. NSK S Max M25 Contra Angle Handpiece offers quickly interchangeable cartridges that save time for the dentist.  Key Features: Cellular Glass Optic: It offers excellent visibility. It is exceptionally durable and will not worsen..
₹18,900 ₹20,000
Brand: NSK Model: m65
M65 handpiece from the S-Max series of NSK. This Internal Spray Straight Handpiece provides ease of operation to the dentist with its unique features that make this handpiece widely acceptable. For each dental professional we make this handpiece available to carry out dental procedures such as denture trimming, polishing, etc. in a reasonable price. Key Features: Stainless steel body with comfort grip reduces hand fatigue for a dentist Water spray for an enhanced cooli..
₹18,900 ₹20,000
NSK S-Max M95 Internal Spray Contra Angle Handpiece NSK S-Max M95 Internal Spray Contra Angle Handpiece
Out Of Stock
Brand: NSK Model: M95_optic
S-Max M95 low-speed contra-angle handpiece that is the next-generation model of NSK. This NSK M95 is a blend of ergonomic elegance and smooth cutting sensation. It has astounding strength and excellent grip for lucrative, effective cutting. M95 dental contra-angle handpiece is available at a budget-friendly price online in India.  Key Features of NSK S-Max M95: Ceramic Bearings: The ceramic bearings are very lightweight and 25% stronger than stainless steel, which m..
₹28,900 ₹30,000
Brand: NSK Model:  114004P1140/1218
NSK S-Max Pico handpiece, an advanced air turbine with innovative technology that has been designed for minimum interruption operations. The innovative design of the handpiece supports it for a better view of the operational field and also provides greater versatility with its precision engineering. Now it is inexpensive to make NSK S-Max Pico High-Speed Handpiece with just click of a button by buying online at a competitive price.Key Features: Ultra Mini head handpiece ..
₹14,400 ₹16,000
Brand: NSK Model: SG20
NSK SG20 Handpiece for all precise surgical applications like Oral & Maxillofacial surgery and dental Implant surgery. It provides clinicians with optimum comfort and versatility. NSK S-Max SG20 Handpiece is ISO-E type and it provides reliable and accurate torque with a capacity to take high load even at low speed. Key Features: During Operations: The lightweight SG20 Implant handpiece reduces the stress on the hands and its increased hardness also enhances its pote..
₹24,400 ₹26,000
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Air-motor
Foshan Tornado Air motor engine with a premium quality that makes dental care more professional. Air motor systems are the products of intensive research and studies by experts to provide dentists with the highest efficiency. Dental Air-motor can be used instead of micromotors in dental clinics for chair-side dental procedures. This uses the Compressed air pressure available in the chair to drive low-speed handpieces like straight or contra-angle handpieces etc. This Tornado Air Motor is av..
₹3,500 ₹4,000
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: TornadoCA
Tornado Contra Angle Handpiece that is designed to promote more skilled user comfort and to greatly minimize operational duration for their patients. With the revolutionary approach, it is easier to enter such inaccessible and hard to see locations, thereby improving efficiency and shortening processes, making it possible to obtain results with greater precision and accuracy. Uses of Tornado Contra Angle Handpiece:·         Finishing & polishing o..
₹2,900 ₹3,500
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: TornadoStandard
Tornado High-speed handpiece that has excellent reliability combined with quality technology via the selection of high-quality materials and extremely high operating efficiency. These are designed to enhance clinical user comfort and to dramatically reduce the procedural duration for their patients. The uniquely designed head size i.e. Tornado Standard and Mini Head Handpiece provides users with a specialized level of visibility and maneuverability. Key Features: With min..
₹2,900 ₹3,500
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Strong
Tornado Straight handpiece from Being Foshan brand that provides excellent performance and user- comfortability to dental professionals all over the world. Straight Handpiece is one of the most demanded handpieces and is available online for the dentists to buy at a decent price without any muddle. Indications of Dental Straight Handpiece: ·         Trimming of dentures in prosthodontics dental clinics or dental labs ·   &nbs..
₹2,900 ₹3,500
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: supertorque
Tornado Super Torque air rotor handpiece that is one of the most demanded dental high-speed handpieces in the market due to its unadorned and portable design.Key Features For Super Torque Handpiece: Consists of both high-quality and durable materials. It is corrosion resistant. Super Torque head provides faster cutting efficiency. Better patient experience with faster treatment. It can be autoclavable at 134 degrees C to prevent cross-contamination and extra s..
₹2,900 ₹3,500
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