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Avyanna Dental chair

Avyanna Dental chair
Avyanna Dental chair
1 Year
Avyanna Dental Chair by Unicorn Denmart Ltd.  which is highly ergonomic designed and fully electrically operated dental chair. It has state- of – ar..

Avyanna Dental Chair by Unicorn Denmart Ltd.  which is highly ergonomic designed and fully electrically operated dental chair. It has state- of – art microprocessor-based chair control system and feather touch switches for chair operations to meet all the requirement of the dentist. It has the advanced features to give comfort to the patient during long dental procedure as well as provide convenience to the dental professional for clinical operations. 

Key Features:

  1. Base & Motor: It has a metal structure covered with smooth and high quality ABS engineering plastic for maximum strength to the chair. Its Anti-rust coating increases the durability. It is equipped with dual heavy duty DC motor with PCB Control board to control all the chair functions. 
  2. Foot Control: Multi-functional Foot control with joystick for chair movement and for easy operations for Air Rotor and Micro Motor/ Scaler. A switch for Zero Position is also available in the foot control. 
  3. Upholstery: Seamless upholstery with high resistance PVC, easy to maintain and easy to clean. It also comes with chair movements control in the side of the upholstery for easy chair side control. Swiveling arm rest for easy patient access. Double articulated headrest for paedo and handicapped patients. \
  4. Assistant Arm: Moveable assistant arm equipped with low and high vacuum motorised suction for easy operation. A 3-way syringe and a fast curing LED light cure unit installed in Assistant arm for easy chair side operation with 3 modes (10 sec, 15sec, 20sec).
  5. Water Unit: Ceramic spittoon with command control for cup filler & bowl rinsing function. 90 degree movable water unit for patient comfort and removable suction filter for easy cleaning and maintenance of hygiene. In-built dry motorized suction inside the water unit, that is equipped with a jar for storage of drained water with Auto-flush & drain system when the jar is filled. 
  6. Delivery Unit: Traditional delivery unit with pneumatic locking arm. Two Air Rotor points with water control option. In-built Micro Motor with 35,000 rpm and digital display of speed. It has in-built non optic scaler with 5 scaling tips. A wide stainless steel instrument tray and a LED X-Ray viewer for IOPA Films also come equipped with the delivery unit. A feather touch control panel for controlling the operation of micromotor and scaler. 
  7. Dental Chair Light: Proximity Sensor based LED operating light  with perfectly countered red color glass reflector to reduce the curing efficiency of the light. Unique adjustable arm for easy 3 directional rotational movement gives precise positioning meets operational requirements. 

Technical Specifications

Power Supply
230 V / 50 Hz
6.4* 3.5 ft
LED Light Intensity
40,000 Lux

Avyanna Dental Chair Usage Instructions

The dental chair is installed as per the site planning by service engineer with all the required connections including electricity, drainage, water inlet and the air inlet.

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