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Dental Chair

Dental Chair

A dental chair is used by dentist to do oral screening, oral surgical procedures easily without any discomfort to both dentist and patient, accompanied by a Doctor’s stool on which dentist performs the dental procedures. Unicorn Denmart deals with wide range of dental chairs from economical range to premium range according to the choice of dentists.

Parts of Dental Chair:


Base consists of metallic framework, covered with different types of materials like polyurethane, acrylic etc.


Dental chair is driven by 2 motors for seat up & down movement and backrest toe and fro movements. Motors can be AC or DC.

Foot Control:

By simply touching the pedals of the foot control, dentist can access all chair functions for treatment procedure. It avoids unnecessary contacts of the hands, ensures better asepsis.


Upholstery is the main aesthetic factor in a dental chair. Unicorn Denmart deals with varieties of dental chairs with different types of upholstery designs, includes seamless type or sewing type, sofa type etc. Dental chair has soft upholstery with memory foam which helps patient to stay relaxed for positive dental experience.

Assistant Arm:

This includes suction pipes for aspirating the saliva, blood from patient’s mouth, which is connected to the main suction unit and some dedicated switches for minimal chair function control.

Water Unit:

The water unit mainly consists of a cuspidor, used by patient mostly to take out the oral fluids and the tumbler filling option. In some dental chairs, the water unit remains movable for easy access of the assistant to patient’s oral cavity.

Delivery Unit:

The main functioning part of the dental chair, which is equipped with air-rotors and 3-way syringe for easy performance of dental procedures by dentist. Also it has dedicated switches for chair positioning, programs, light control and water unit control.

Dental Light:

Dental light is used for clear visibility inside oral cavity and better diagnosis. It minimizes shadowing and reduce eye fatigue.

Why to buy dental chairs from Best Dental Deals?

Best Dental Deals is an online portal of Unicorn DenMart Ltd. & the dental chairs from Unicorn denmart is famous among Indian dentists because of the high durability and high quality. International brands like Gnatus, DCI & Anthos etc. are associated with Unicorn Denmart. Also the partnership with brands like Gnatus has made the Unicorn Denmart incomparable in Indian Market. Unicorn Denmart takes care of its customers by providing quick service through its wide spread service team in PAN India. Last but not the least it also has its own “My Unicorn” app, so that customers can register their complaints without investing lot of time in calling customer care.


Galaxy Plus Dental Chair
New -5 %
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Galaxy+
Features• Synchronised chair movements – When backrest moves backward, the seat automatically comes up.  • Chair interlock system – When doctor is using air rotor, the chair gets locked to avoid any unwanted movements / accidents.• Rotary utility tray for easy access of the doctor.• 16 key..
₹181,000 ₹190,000
Runyes Dental Chair - Innova Pad
New -5 %
Brand: Runyes Model: Innova-Pad
Features:• Underhanging delivery Unit.• ±70 degree movement of under head delivery unit for easy reach of doctors.• Acrylic sleek base (grey colour) to prevent stains• Anti-crushing system in the base which pauses the chair if any kind of hurdles come under the chair. (micro switch )• Taiwan heavy d..
₹288,500 ₹303,000
Brand: Runyes Model: innova_gold
Runyes Innova Gold Dental Chair is available with LED Light and assisted with overhead delivery unit. Further, offered chair is provided along with built-in optic scaler and scaling tips.Features:• Overhead Delivery Unit.• Balanced delivery unit without locks.• Acrylic sleek base (grey colour) to pr..
₹310,000 ₹325,800
Star Dental Chair with Overhead Delivery Unit
-5 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Star_Overhead
Star Dental Chair is the most demanded dental unit which is very easy to use as well as enhance your clinic decor owing to its modern look and design. Also, the cushion seating is so comfortable that your patient does feel relax while having the treatment. One can go for this chair if one is looking..
₹158,000 ₹166,000
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Star_Underhanging
Star Dental Chair with Under-hanging Delivery Unit has listed characteristics which make it special among other dental units.Features:• All the connections in chair base.• Single switch for air, water, power, more safety & durability.• Hygiene instrument holder.• High quality chair motor.• Oilin..
₹140,000 ₹147,000
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Flare_Chair
Flare Dental Chair is the most sough-after dental unit among dentists owing to its high reliability and amazing features at economic price. Offered chair is ergonomically designed by using sturdy material and cutting-edge technology to ensure high functionality.Features:• Most Economical & Relia..
₹115,700 ₹121,500
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: planet_chair
Offered Unicorn Planet Dental Chair is highly functional Chair available in budgetary range. It is available with under hanging delivery unit with built-in scaler and has various colors to choose from.Features• Safety switch for water-air-electricity with single on/off switch control.• Multifunction..
₹133,000 ₹139,700
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