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Dental Chair

Dental Chair

The most essential equipment in a dental setup is Dental Chair. It is a central focus of the dental clinic for the patients, it works as a symbolic of your practice and the oral care and treatment they expect to receive from you. The Dental Chair of Runyes, Avyanna & Gnatus brand should be convenient enough for patient as well as dentist to meet all the requirements and complimentary to the clinic décor to enhance the growth of the practice. 

Dental Chair is the most basic equipment that allows a dental professional to easily operate as well as a patient comfortably sits for the treatment. 

According to the range, various brands are available online in best dental deals those have different models with different functionalities and advantages in discounted prices. The best dental chair mostly consists of:

  1. Base: The base is the foundation of the dental chair that makes it more stable and rigid to withstand the load on the dental chair. It mainly includes of the floor box with all the lines those are required for functioning of the chair i.e. water, compressed air, drainage, electricity, RO line, HDMI Cable etc. The base material may differ in different dental chair from plastic to acrylic even polyurethane. It also comes with anti-skid function and anti-crushing function to save the time of the dentist and enhance the performance. 

  2. Motor: Every dental chair for Dentist is equipped with a motor in the base. The motor can be an AC motor or DC motor. The motor helps with chair movements i.e. one motor helps with seat up and down movement. Another motor helps with backrest toe and fro movement. 

  3. Foot Control: As a dentist performs various dental surgical procedures, the maintenance of hygiene inside the dental clinic also become essential. So, a foot control with dedicated switches to perform multiple functions provides a dental professional aseptic operation for the safety of the patients. In some dental chairs, the foot control is also equipped with chip air and chip water function to replace the 3-way syringe usage in dental procedure and saves the time of the dentist. 

  4. Upholstery: A dental chair’s upholstery is the main attraction point. It is also the main sitting area of the patient. The designing of the upholstery is done in a way that it should provide a patient with maximum comfort during long dental procedure. It is available with many colors to match the clinic interiors and give a rich look to the clinic. The upholstery consists of the seat, backrest and headrest. The headrest come with double articulation to provide comfort to both paedo and handicapped patients. It also comes with synchronization function i.e. simultaneous movement of the seat and the backrest to avoid self-adjustment of the patient during chair movements. The chair synchronization also helps in maintaining the Trendelenburg position during dental emergencies for patient recovery from syncope.  Upholstery seat takes care of the support to the patient’s spine to prevent back pain during sitting for longer period. 

  5. Assistant Arm: Some dental chairs have the availability of an extra assistant arm to provide “Four handed Dentistry” to the doctor for faster treatment. The assistant arm has the aspiration system for the removal of the oral fluids, blood or water from the patient’s oral cavity to improve the visibility of the operation field. 

  6. Water Unit: This has all the water controlling system. For patient’s spitting during dental procedure, a spittoon is attached to the water unit. Proximity sensor-based spittoon water control system is also available in some dental chairs. The water to the handpiece comes from a distilled water bottle attached to the water unit. 

  7. Delivery Unit: It is the main functional part of the dental chair. It comes with either traditional or underhanging type otherwise advanced or overhanging type. This delivery unit has the points for air rotor to attach the handpiece, 3-way syringe. In a few dental chairs, there is option for inbuilt scaler. A small x-ray viewer for IOPA X-ray film and control panel to set chair programs and chair functions along with-it controlling water unit also available.

  8. Dental Chair Light: Chair light is used to enhance the visibility inside the oral cavity by illumination. It may come with LED system or Halogen. Now-a-days the advanced dental chairs come with LED system with intensity control and sensor based to ease the work of the dentist and provide a contamination free environment to the dental professional. 

  9. Dentist’s Stool: The dentist’s stool is where a dentist sits and performs all the procedures. To enhance the comfortability of the dentist the dentist’s stool also come with certain adjustments e.g. back adjustment or height adjustment

Best dental deals have a wide range of dental chairs from renowned global brands with advanced features and reasonable price, also available with packages for a dental professional to choose online and get the best dental chair online in India delivered without any hassle to the clinic. 

Avyanna Dental Chair by Unicorn Denmart Ltd.  which is highly ergonomic designed and fully electrically operated dental chair. It has state- of – art microprocessor-based chair control system and feather touch switches for chair operations to meet all the requirement of the dentist. It has the advanced features to give comfort to the patient during long dental procedure as well as provide convenience to the dental professional for clinical operations. Key Features: Base & M..
₹157,000 ₹170,000
Galaxy Plus Dental Chair Galaxy Plus Dental Chair
Out Of Stock
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Galaxy+
Galaxy plus dental chair from Feng Den, China is one of the most demanded dental chairs in India. This dental chair is a blend of superior efficiency, sanitation, excellent performance and ergonomics. The Galaxy plus dental chair is a whole new innovative product that shatters through the stigma of traditional dental unit. This dental chair provides the dental professionals with more comfortable working experience through integration with advanced dental instruments. Key Features of Galaxy ..
₹181,000 ₹190,000
Gnatus Dental Chair -  S200 F Gnatus Dental Chair -  S200 F
Top Brand
Brand: Gnatus Model: S200 F
Gnatus S200 F dental chair with underhanging delivery unit from Gnatus brand, a Brazilian company that manufactures dental equipments with the finest quality and advanced technology. It provides the dental professionals a complete peace of mind by its ergonomic design, advanced features and excellent durability. Key Features of Gnatus S200 F underhanging dental chair:Base: It has an anti-skid rubberized base with Face-Lift feature that covers the base with ABS engineering plastic for b..
₹176,000 ₹220,000
Top Brand
Brand: Gnatus Model: G3
Gnatus G Series new line segment inspired by new technology concept designed by Gnatus from Brazil for your clinical routine.  Gnatus design supports four handed dentistry for easy positioning operations along with high powered BOSCH motor for easy chair movements. Shadow less LED operating light with 35000 Lux makes Gnatus G3 and G3+ best dental chair along with its ergonomic design gives extra comfort for the patient and dentists for daily routine operations. Highl..
₹259,999 ₹315,000
Gnatus S300 H Dental Chair with Overhead Delivery Unit Gnatus S300 H Dental Chair with Overhead Delivery Unit
Top Brand
Brand: Gnatus Model: S300
Gnatus S300 model dental chair, which is launched by Gnatus, a Brazilian company well recognized among dentists for its reliable and robust quality dental equipments. Gnatus S line dental chairs are newly designed 2019 edition dental chairs that offers a dental professional the comfort and the proficiency for effortless dental treatments. Key Features of Gnatus S300 Dental chair:Base & Motor: The base is designed with anti-skid rubberized base covered with high quality ABS engineer..
₹240,000 ₹300,000
Gnatus S400 H Dental Chair with Overhead Delivery Unit Gnatus S400 H Dental Chair with Overhead Delivery Unit
Top Brand
Brand: Gnatus Model: S400
Gnatus, a well-known brand from Brazil, is renowned for its excellent contribution to deliver the safest and most efficient dental equipments with innovative technologies in the market. Gnatus is one of the oldest brands when it comes to manufacturing reliable dental chairs. Gnatus S400 dental chair is newly designed S line chair from Gnatus 2019 edition. Key Features of Gnatus S400 Dental chair:Base & Motor: Anti-skid rubberized base, covered with ABS engineering plastic (FACE-LIFT) fo..
₹280,000 ₹350,000
Gnatus S500 H Dental Chair with Overhead Delivery Unit Gnatus S500 H Dental Chair with Overhead Delivery Unit
Top Brand
Brand: Gnatus Model: S500
Gnatus S500 dental chair of 2019 edition, imported from Brazil.  It  manufactures high – quality dental equipment since decades. It gives the dentist full peace of mind with outstanding national after-sales service.  The Gnatus S series incorporates user-friendly design flexibility with robust performance, which is now widely popular in dental industry. For assurance of S500 to become a reliable and secure treatment centre, the overhead delivery system provide flexibility in terms..
₹440,000 ₹550,000
Brand: Runyes Model: Innova-Pad
Ningbo Runyes Medical Instruments Co. Ltd. Established in 2000 and is an invisible leader in the field of contemporary dental apparatus. Ningbo Runyes puts emphasis on the brand establishment and has accepted the certification of authorization in 92 countries includes USA, Europe, etc. Runyes Innova Pad dental chair has an excellent ergonomic design with smart electronics that require minimal space and grants the freedom to the dentist to work on their own preference.Here are some Key features o..
₹259,999 ₹303,000
Brand: Runyes Model: innova_gold
Runyes Innova Gold Dental Chair from Medical Instrument Co Ltd., a medical instrument company from Ningbo China. It is a leading manufacturer of dental chairs, steam sterilisers and other digital products. It has made a lot of quality and price efforts and has become the most reputable dental equipment brand. It has been awarded for the quality management and design dominant business style creativity. Also it has paid attention to meeting all the doctor’s requirements while taking care of ..
₹259,999 ₹325,800
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Star_Overhead
Star Dental Chair, a highly demanded programmable chair that offers a modern look and design for upgrading your dental practice. It has advanced features like the assistant arm and overhead delivery unit for ease of operation. You can select from different available colors for use within your dental settings. The Star Dental chair is a budget-friendly product, which offers multiple advanced features at a reasonable price. Key Features of Star Dental Chair with Overhead Delivery Unit: High..
₹158,000 ₹163,000
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Star_Underhanging
Star Dental Chair underhanging model with improved features to enhance dentist’s productivity, also at the same time provide optimum comfort to the patient. It is one of the programmable dental chairs having highest demand among dental professionals in India for its advanced features in budget-friendly price that adds in the rich look to the dental clinic due to its attractive modern design.Key Features of the Star Underhanging Dental Chair:Base & Motor: It has the high..
₹140,000 ₹145,000
Unicorn Denmart Planet Dental Chair Unicorn Denmart Planet Dental Chair
Out Of Stock
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: planet_chair
Unicorn Denmart Planet Dental Chair, imported from Feng Den in China. It is a superior quality highly functional chair, which meets all the requirements of dental professionals. The Planet dental chair comes with added safety features along with easy customization of sitting positions. You can choose from a variety of available colors to suit the environment of your dental office. Planet dental is an easily programmable dental chair that comes with advanced features to give the patient an ..
₹135,000 ₹140,000
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