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Deals Of The Month
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model:  127024WDAQUA
A Dental Water Distiller Machine provides the purest form of water which is suitable for use in the clinic, home, hospitals, offices, laboratories, etc. In dentistry, it is used in autoclave & dental chairs to prevent the valves, tubing inside the equipment from getting rusted. This device produces pure distilled water through heating, evaporation, condensation to separate pure fresh water from different types of minerals & other contaminants. Fomos Distiller Machine is the bes..
₹6,300 ₹7,500
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Inbuilt OF D5
V6 inbuilt scaler to be integrated into dental chairs of DTE brand that conforms to the concept of better quality and the central methodology of R&D for the availability of budget-friendly dental products.  DTE V6 inbuilt scaler comes with various amazing features for comfortable dental scaling and is widely accepted by dental professionals all over the world. Key Features Of V6 Scaler:• Endo mode in addition to general prophylaxis and perio mode provides dentist a flexible operati..
₹9,500 ₹11,500
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: 100 A
Tulip is a wireless LED Curing light of Aluminium body. This LED curing light is lightweight and easy to transport, making it easier and more effective to work with. This Tulip Light Cure 100 is available Online at a competitive price to make it modest for all.Key Features: High Curing Efficiency for all types of resin materials Working modes to provide dentist flexible operation Compact and Stylish design with a slim body for better hand feeling A light hood of ..
₹2,850 ₹3,150
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: UV_Ster_12Trey
UV chamber from Best dental deals is a compact newly designed device for ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. It uses a UVC wavelength that directly deactivates the microbial DNA/RNA structures and helps in effective decontamination of the sterilized dental instruments. The high effectiveness of the UV Chamber is achieved due to the inbuilt reflectors inside the chamber to cover the maximum area.UV Chamber Key Features: - It is equipped with an Authentic Phillips UV-C Tube that has a ..
₹7,200 ₹8,000
Brand: Woodpecker Model: LUX V
Woodpecker DTE Lux V light Cure unit, a sleek light cure unit with a better sense of hand. The dentist experiences total freedom of movement in dental work. The specific stylish and compact unit fits any user-technique, offering a stable grip from multiple angles, and their compact size provides a perfect weight balance. It speeds up the dental restoration and solidifies the restorative material placed on teeth.Key Features: It is ambidextrous, suitable for dental professionals with ..
₹4,200 ₹5,000
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Inbuitl of D3 Led
Woodpecker offers DTE Inbuilt scaler V2 to their respective customers to keep in sync with time and extra flexibility in oral prophylaxis procedures. This inbuilt model V2 Scaler is designed especially for advanced comprehensive dental chairs. This V2 scaler is available online in Best Dental deals at decent prices for dental professionals. Key Features Of Model V2 Scaler: Easily detachable and autoclavable handpiece that provides aseptic operation in dental clinics. ..
₹10,500 ₹12,000
Brand: Woodpecker Model: O'LED Plus
Woodpecker O light Plus, Light Cure Unit that is ergonomically built with modern technology to provide excellent accuracy and protection with less heat generation. It offers high intensity focused light for all forms of resin materials to be effectively polymerized. Thanks to its quality & outstanding features, it is one of the most reliable O light curing light with increased dental acceptance from all over the world. Key Features: O-Light Plus light cure Unit from Woodpecker ..
₹6,000 ₹7,000
Brand: Woodpecker Model:  118002D3LED
DTE D3 Non-Optic scaler in economical range with piezoelectric technology that provides comfortable scaling and enhances the patient experience. Woodpecker scaler D3 of DTE is a very durable product. This ultrasonic scaler device uses electrical energy & produces high-frequency ultrasonic vibration with cavitation effect on the tip for the effective elimination of stains & calculus from the tooth surface. It comes with a few key points that make this device one of the most desirabl..
₹10,000 ₹11,000
Brand: Woodpecker Model:  118002D5LED
Woodpecker D5 Scaler remove plaque and calculus from the tooth surface in the scaling procedure. This device meets all specifications of the dentist. Woodpecker DTE D5 Ultrasonic Scaler is a power-driven scaler that converts high frequency electrical energy into high-frequency sound waves to effectively remove all types’ stains and hard deposits.  Key Features:D5 Scaler has optic as well as a non-optic handpiece that increases the visibility & best adapted for clinical ope..
₹12,000 ₹13,000
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