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Coxo Air Polisher

Coxo Air Polisher
Coxo Air Polisher

In order to disrupt the oral biofilm and eliminate stains from the tooth surface, air polishing requires the use of compressed air, water, and polishing powder. To prevent oral soft tissue damage, air polishing involves significant angulation. The Dental Air polisher is powered by compressed air and a tooth polishing device for easier dental use with improved shape and functionality. For optimum performance, a small powder container makes Air Polisher light to handle with an outstanding weight balance. 

Key Features For COXO Air Polisher:

• Ergonomic comfortable design with extreme lightweight reduce hand fatigue.
• Swivel 360 degree even under high pressure for smooth function.
• Simple single touch connectivity for easy operation.
• Twin nozzle feature for better polishing efficiency.

Coxo Dental Air polisher is available online in the best dental deals to buy without any muddle in competitive prices in India. 

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