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Shield Automatic Sanitizer & Disinfectant Dispenser

Shield Automatic Sanitizer & Disinfectant Dispenser
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Shield Automatic Sanitizer & Disinfectant Dispenser
Best dental deals offer Shield Automatic sanitizer and disinfectant dispenser for sanitization of hands and to get protection from indirectly transmitted bacteria and virus.  It is a contact less type of dispenser that is very easy to use and it keeps you free from pathogens cross-infection. This is a widely used product in places like malls, hotel, hospitals, restaurants, showrooms, pharmaceutical manufacturers, office buildings for the safety and easily available online in a reasonable price in India.

Key Features of Automatic Touch less Dispenser Spray:

Automatic Infrared sensor for touchless spray of liquid sanitizer, that also reduces the extra wastage of sanitizer. 
Excellent performance with advanced chip control technology.
Wide angle liquid spray out of the nozzle, that perfectly spread out on the hand for rubbing.
It also has Over current protection for effective elimination of minor accidents. 
Highly durable device with imported engineering plastic and enhanced solidity. 
Very easy to install and use.

Technical Specifications:
Tank capacity: 1800ml
Power: 25W
Disinfectant spray rate: 0.6 -10ml
Sensing distance: 3-12cm
Working Cycle: 5 sec
Voltage: 220V AC 50Hz
Installation type: wall mount
Ambient Humidity: <80%
Dimensions: 230*150*375 mm
Ambient Temperature: 5- 40 degree C

Installation of the Disinfectant Sprayer:

Make 4 holes on the wall with 6 mm in diameter, 35mm deep on the wall at the height of 1.3 – 1.6 meters from the ground. 
Install the hook with attachment to the holes
Hang the machine of the hook, and then take off the cover and fix hand disinfectant dispenser with screw at the bottom.

Adding Disinfectant:

Press the cover lock, and open the cover about at 45 degree, push it up and then cover would be taken off.
Put in the funnel to add the disinfectant liquid.
After adding the liquid, take off the funnel. Pull the cover down at 45 degree, then lock the button of the cover on the cover lock.

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