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Corona UV-C Sanitizer Box

Corona UV-C Sanitizer Box
Corona UV-C Sanitizer Box
Corona UV-C Sanitizer Box
Corona UV-C Sanitizer Box
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Corona UV-C Sanitizer Box
Corona UV-C Sanitizer Box
Corona UV-C Sanitizer Box
Corona UV-C Sanitizer Box
Corona UV-C Sanitizer Box
1 Year

Best dental deals introduce Corona UV-C sanitizer box with front-loading capacity for the surface sanitization of all the household items and office objects to prevent getting infected by any indirect transmission of bacteria & viruses. UV-C, the shortest wavelength by ultraviolet radiation has the capacity to sanitize the objects with 99.99% efficacy. UV Sanitizer box is certified by DRDO (Defense Research & Developmental Organization) & manufactured under the “Make in India” concept. In this box personal belongings (keys, wallet, purse, mobile phone, currency) household items (fruits, vegetables, packed foods, cutlery, mask, etc.) stationery items (A4 sheet, notepad, pen) and many more items can be sanitized very easily. 


Phillips UV-C tube

2 Nos. (One at Top & One at Bottom)

UV-C intensity

250 mJ/cm2 for effective sanitization


16 ´ 10 ´ 10 inches


SS Mirror finish reflectors to enhance the UV intensity


1 year (No Warranty on UV-C lamp)

Chamber Material

Rust-proof, heavy gauge & Epoxy coated MS Sheet

Key Features for UV-C Light Sanitizer Box:

  • A very compact & stylish design which requires minimum space for placement in-home or office.
  • Operation through UV-C technology that destroys the DNA/RNA of virus & bacteria and effectively sanitizes the objects placed inside it.
  • Easy operation with alarm sound at 1 min & a reminder beep sound after 5 min to remove sanitized objects from the box.
  • Magnetic strips on the door for automatic closing & complete sealing of the door during the sanitization process
  • Auto cut-off facility for the safety of the individual to prevent any direct exposure.
  • Chemical-free & non-contact sanitization of the objects.
  • Certified Phillips UV-C tube with more then 8000 hours of life for better durability.
  • Easy “Plug n Play” installation and no maintenance charge.

Operational Instructions for UVC Sanitizer Box:

Switch on the power button. Open the door of the box. Place the items to be sanitized inside the box & close the door. A beep sound will come after 1 min, which indicates items are sanitized and ready to be taken out. Open the door and remove the sanitized objects. Switch off the power button when not in use.

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