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Dental Compressors

Dental Compressors

For a proper functioning of the dental chair and the handpieces, a dental air compressor plays an important role. It is a device that provides compressed air to the air driven equipments in dental clinic. 

Choosing the right air compressor will help you develop a growth ready dental practice, whereas shoddily choosing could potentially expose your patients to harmful pathogens. A good compressor inoculates your practice from harmful pathogens by minimizing the risk of contamination and help maintain patient safety. 

The quality of the air that is generated by a compressor must be an aspect to look for as cleaner the air the safer your patients and the equipments. 

Working Principle of Best Dental Air Compressor:

The machine cleans, dries, compresses and stores the air that drives all the air-driven equipments e.g. air rotors, 3-way syringe, dental chair etc. To protect the handpieces and other equipments from moisture and safeguard from various pathogens the moisture filtration system remains available in dental compressors. 

The biggest problem is the moist air that can damage sensitive internal machinery and make your instruments inoperable. Moisture present in the air can lead to corrosion, contamination of microorganisms and decrease the accuracy of the instruments. 

Oil-Free Compressor:

The primary reason for many dentist’s first choice for Oil-free compressor is the reduced chance of lubricant contamination. Also, the oil-free compressor comes with reduced odour, light- weighted and increased air flow and pressure. There are standards of Compressor Regulation. Those are

Dental Compressor Regulation HTM2022: An oil-free compressor should be embedded with a dryer to filter out the moisture and an internal coating to prevent pathogen build up in the tank. 

Dental Compressor Regulation HTM02-01 Part A

Dental Compressor regulation HTM02-01 Part B: It is for ensuring the safe location of the compressor and the piping to prevent any leakage. 

Structure of a Dental Compressor:

• Piston that takes in the environmental air inside. 

• An air inlet/outlet filter

• A moisture regulator to make the air dry. 

• A safety switch to prevent over pressure of the tank

• A thermal switch to prevent over temperature in the tank

• A storage tank to store the compressed air for use by the dental devices

• A valve downmost part of the tank for release of the air

Factors For Choosing The Right Air Compressor For Dental Use:

Noise Level: In order to be safe, dental work requires accuracy and the patient remains calm. If a compressor is too noisy, it can agitate patients or distract clinicians, leading to injuries, liability problems and poorer interactions with customer service. 

Compressor Size: Depending upon the numbers of operatories, the size of the compressor matters. As one dental chair needs 60 l/min for proper functioning, the flow rate of the compressor is chosen.

Air Quality: It is an important factor, so most of the compressors are coated internally with an anti-bacterial paint to prevent the buildup of pathogens and provide high quality. 

• Dry Air: Dental air compressors now-a-days come with advanced technology to provide maximum dry air that also enhance the quality of the air and increase the life of the internal parts. For an example, Durr Dental Compressor comes with Membrane Technology that provides 3 times dryer air to the dental chair. 

Tips For installation of Dental Air Compressor:

A dental compressor mostly installed outside the dental clinic in an area with clean and dry air. Temperature requirement is 20 degree to 45 degree Celsius. The pipe connecting to the dental chair should not have any “L” Band, rather a “Y” connector with 45-degree angulation to prevent the pressure reduction. The installation should not be done near any sewage system or near any suction unit that can affect the quality of the air

Maintenance of Best Dental Compressor:

The Compressed air stored inside the tank should be released before closing the clinic to enhance the life of the device, also it prevents any corrosion inside the tank and prevent any pathogen buildup. The compressor should be checked by the service engineer at least once in a year for early detection of any problem and prevent any interruption in the dental practice. 

These dental air compressors from renowned global brands are available in Best Dental Deals online in a very competitive price for Indian Dentist to buy without any muddle. 

Gnatus Air Compressors Gnatus Air Compressors
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Brand: Durr Dental Model: Tornado1_Without Dryer
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