Compressor & Suction Units

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Biovac Sec New-Motorized Suction

Rs 44,100.00

Ex Tax: Rs 44,100.00

We are offering the best model of suction unit which is GNATUS Biovac Sec New Motorized Suction at best price. Basically, the GNATUS Biovac Sec was designed for a high-powered suction that absorbs efficiency saliva and residues, using a technology that dispenses water in the..

Durr Dental

Durr Suction VS 250 S


Rs 56,175.00

Ex Tax: Rs 56,175.00

We are offering a highly reliable and ergonomically designed suction unit VS 250 S from the house of Durr Dental to our customers at the best price. The V-suction unit is suitable for use in dry air suction systems and can be installed in any suitable room, regardless of any..

Durr Dental

Durr Suction VS300S


Rs 96,600.00

Ex Tax: Rs 96,600.00

Durr suction unit VS 300 S is highly suitable for use in dry air suction systems and can be installed in any suitable room, regardless of any connection layout. In addition, it is possible to install a noise-reducing muffler in the exhaust air line in order to reduce the amount of noise ge..


Gnatus Air Compressors


Rs 21,000.00

Ex Tax: Rs 21,000.00

Gnatus- An oldest brand which is associated with Unicorn has introduced three models of Air Compressor Units. Offered compressors can be easily used for running suction and air rotor.Features:Medical grade airSuper silentOil free engineAir outlet filterThermal protector against overheatingAnti-..

Durr Dental

Tornado 1 Air Compressors - Durr Dental

Rs 84,315.00

Ex Tax: Rs 84,315.00

One of the quietest and powerful air compressor in dentistry is Tornado 1 from the house of Durr Dental. The highly developed compressor set is extremely quiet, and can have a calming effect on both patient and practitioner.Features:Oil-free, dry, hygienic, taste and odour-less compressed airVe..

Unicorn Denmart

VMAX 450 Suction Unit


Rs 32,550.00

Ex Tax: Rs 32,550.00

Unicorn Denmart has brought a new and economical range in Suction units, namely Vmax 450. Offered unit is ergonomically designed by using frequency conversion  technology to provide high quality and functionality to the customers. Moreover, its compatibility with any p..

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