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Compressor & Suction Units

Compressor & Suction Units

Compressor & Suction Units

For a proper dental clinic set up, some of the vital compressor and suction machines are required. To maintain the high-quality healthcare while recognizing patient rights, dental clinic should be organized in such way. To support the dental treatment procedures in dental clinic along with maintenance of hygiene, various dental equipment's are utilized.

Compressor & Suction Units Price List

Type Of Compressor & Suction UnitsBDD Special PriceMax Price
Durr Suction VS 250 S₹65,000/piece
Durr Suction VS300S₹116,135/piece
ExtraOral Dental Suction - DS1000₹47,000/piece
Gnatus Air Compressors₹21,000/piece
Tornado 1 Air Compressors - Durr Dental₹100,619/piece
VMAX 450 Suction Unit₹37,000/piece

Compressor & Suction Units Equipment's Include

  • Dental Compressors: Dental air compressors provide the required air pressure to the dental chair for its functioning. Almost all the devices attached to the dental chair work by compressed air pressure. The compressors are oil free and have low noise level. It takes the environmental air inside, removed all the moistures and dust, compresses it and stores in the tank for the use of dental handpieces.

  • Dental Suction System: To provide a clear operating field to the dentist along with prevention of aerosolized infections, dental suction system also plays a vital role in dental clinic. It aspirates all the oral fluids from the patient mouth for better visibility and enhance comfort of the patient.

These Compressor and Suction equipment's are listed in best dental deals for the dental professionals in India to buy online and improve their practice.

Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: DS1000
ExtraOral Dental Suction - Dynamic DS1000 comes with powerful aerosol aspiration capacity to prevent aerosol transmitted viral infection and safe-guard clinical environment.. In dental clinic, doctors can use the ultrasonic scaler, 3-way syringe, high speed or low speed red ring handpiece that generate large quantities of aerosol in conjunction with bacteria & viruses such as saliva & blood.ExtraOral Dental Suction - DS1000 Has The Below Key Points: Protection from a..
₹47,000 ₹52,000
Gnatus Air Compressors
Top Brand
Brand: Gnatus Model:  101003BIOQUALY
Gnatus Air Compressors from Brazil are ergonomically designed devices for continuous operations. It offers medical grade hygienic air to the dental unit, increasing the efficiency of your dental practice. Gnatus, the most trusted brand of dental equipment, has oil free dental compressors that prevent any compound from infiltrating into the tank and prevent the patient from being exposed to any pathogens. Compressed air must be hygienic in order to have quality dental care. Gnatus powerful &am..
₹30,100 ₹35,000
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: VMAX
Vmax wet-line suction system, a valuable addition to your dental chair for high suction performance and maintenance of hygiene in the dental clinic. It is highly preferred by dental professionals across the globe because of its high tech design and noise reduction feature. If you are looking for a suction system that can be easily programmed with your existing dental chair, the VMAX system will be a valuable addition to your dental practice. Using the VMAX suction system during restorative..
₹40,000 ₹45,000
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Frequently Asked Questions

Tornado 1 compressor from renowned Durr Dental brand, Germany is equipped with robust membrane technology that provides unbeatable benefits as the drying process is based on diffusion through membrane fiber layers. It provides 3 times dryer air and has permanent power availability. It is maintenance free, except annual filter change.

Tornado 1 compressor from Durr dental has an anti-bacterial inner tank coating with silver nanoparticles to make it rust-free.

Durr Dental robust VS technology allows for two stage separation, i.e. separation of solid wastage from liquid wastage.

DS1000 extraoral suction is equipped with 5 layers of filtration where for destruction of bacteria and virus, it is integrated with UV-C layer and Plasma ion generator layer. 

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