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Gnatus Bioclave Autoclave - 21 L with Water Distiller Gnatus Bioclave Autoclave - 21 L with Water Distiller
Top Brand
Brand: Gnatus Model: bioclave_21ltr
N class autoclave of Gnatus, a Brazilian company that is committed to creating the best working environment for the health workers by providing the most reliable & durable equipment. Gnatus Bioclave 21ltr comes with innovative design & praiseworthy functionality. It is equipped with all the safety features to make this autoclave one of the best in the market.Key Features For Gnatus Bioclave Autoclave:The assurance of Biosafety makes it more reliable.Silicon ring in the door with great fl..
₹59,999 ₹68,000
Brand: NSK Model: NSK DT with Dpex V
NSK Endomate DT, a highly reliable endodontic motor with auto-reverse function and 6 head angle position of the handpiece for better accessibility.  NSK Endomotor Endomate DT provides efficiency and accuracy in root canal treatment, also it is silent and comfortable for dental practitioners. Because of its ease of use, as well as the excellent visibility and access through the miniature contra-angle attachment, it helps the practitioner to completely focus on the patient..
₹54,960 ₹59,500
Brand: Runyes Model: FENG 23
Runyes B Class Autoclave with a triple vacuum cycle, provides 100% assurance of sterilization of used instruments & annihilation of bacteria, viruses, fungi & spores, etc. It is very user friendly & easy to operate. B type autoclave 23 liters is a front-loading autoclave with innovative technology and an intelligent drying system, best for all your dental instruments e.g. unwrapped/wrapped, solid/hollow, porous/non-porous instruments.Key Features: Double door lock system for ..
₹118,000 ₹127,500
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Standard Head HP Combo
Tornado High-speed handpiece that has excellent reliability combined with quality technology via the selection of high-quality materials and extremely high operating efficiency. These are designed to enhance clinical user comfort and to dramatically reduce the procedural duration for their patients. The uniquely designed head size i.e. Tornado Standard Head Handpiece provide users with a specialized level of visibility and manoeuvrability.Key Features:With a mini head handpiece, i..
₹5,510 ₹7,000
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Straight HP with Micro Motor Engine
Tornado Straight handpiece from Being Foshan brand that provides excellent performance and user- comfortability to dental professionals all over the world. Straight Handpiece is one of the most demanded handpieces and is available online for dentists to buy at a decent price without any muddle.Indications of Dental Straight Handpiece:·         Trimming of dentures in prosthodontics dental clinics or dental labs·      &nbs..
₹6,413 ₹7,860
Brand: Woodpecker Model: D3 Scaler with Lux V
DTE D3 Optic scaler in economical range with piezoelectric technology that provides comfortable scaling and enhances the patient experience. Woodpecker scaler D3 of DTE is a very durable product. This ultrasonic scaler device uses electrical energy & produces high-frequency ultrasonic vibration with a cavitation effect on the tip for the effective elimination of stains & calculus from the tooth surface. It comes with a few key points that make this device one of the most desira..
₹14,345 ₹16,000
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Lux V with Prime Dent Kit
Woodpecker DTE Lux V light Cure unit, a sleek light cure unit with a better sense of hand. The dentist experiences total freedom of movement in dental work. The specific stylish and compact unit fits any user-technique, offering a stable grip from multiple angles, and their compact size provides a perfect weight balance. It speeds up the dental restoration and solidifies the restorative material placed on teeth.Key Features:It is ambidextrous, suitable for dental professionals with both right- &..
₹6,575 ₹8,000
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Endorader Plus with Tornado Standard Air Roter
A brushless new generation cordless Endo Motor with integrated 5th generation apex locator comes equipped with reciprocation function and apex action for precision root canal treatment. Endoradar plus is a combination of endo motor with integrated apex locator which saves space & time while performing endodontic treatment. It is a “Two in One” device with amazing features and smart technology to ease the work of the dentist. EndoMotor with apex locator can help you to minimize the ..
₹40,755 ₹45,500
Brand: Woodpecker Model: O Light Plus with Prime Dent Kit
Woodpecker O light Plus, Light Cure Unit that is ergonomically built with modern technology to provide excellent accuracy and protection with less heat generation. It offers high intensity focused light for all forms of resin materials to be effectively polymerized. Thanks to its quality & outstanding features, it is one of the most reliable O light curing light with increased dental acceptance from all over the world.Key Features:O-Light Plus light cure Unit from Woodpecker takes only 1 sec..
₹8,189 ₹10,000
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