In this modern era, everybody knows about the importance of LED Technology, be it in our daily life or in dentistry. We can see much improvement in dental products among which light cure units are also at their pace in advancements.

These days, light cure units are designed by using LED technology which not only has eliminated the use of chord but also produces far less heat during its quiet operation.

LED’s tend to have a more specific wavelength thus, it is necessary to choose the right composite material to work with. However, many newer curable materials have photo-initiators designed to respond to just a narrow range of light wavelengths as well.

In order to choose the Right Light cure unit for your dental practice, you must consider the below characteristics:

Design: It is very important that you feel comfortable while holding any equipment during treatment. Therefore, the design and structure of the light should fit well in your hand so that you can cure various quadrants in the mouth. In addition to this, you should focus on the tip rotation because then only you will be able to gain adequate access.

Output Power: To cure any material, it is necessary that the light cure unit you are using have the power greater than 1000mW/cm². Taking this under consideration, LED Light cure unit from woodpecker has been a good option as it has 1500mW/ cm² output power and it cures at greater depths.

Output Wavelength: LEDs tend to have a more concise wavelength. One of the most important things to know is whether or not the wavelength being emitted will be compatible with the photo-initiator in your existing materials.

Programmed Modes: In order to perform various procedures, it is essential that you have variable curing modes such as Low curing settings, ramp modes and times. Low curing settings will help the user to treat pulp tissue in the case of deeper restorations. Ramp modes will help to set variable times to be the most compatible with your materials.

Tip Angle:  While shopping any light cure unit, you should note that the light should be able to reach the occlusal surface of a back molar with the light flat against the tooth surface in order to be sure for maximum curing. Therefore, the correct angle of the tip is very much necessary. 

Long Battery Life: Battery life should be long lasting so that procedure can be completed at one go rather needing to recharge in half way.