Rotary endodontics for Root Canal Therapy yields effective results. It has successfully replaced the Traditional Root Canal Process in which hand instrumentation methods were used.

Endodontic motors are used in Rotary Endodontic Operations, which require Dentists to shape the root canal with one file.  It is used for biomechanical preparation of the root canal to give the canal proper tapering for gutta-percha insertion during obturation.

Benefits of Dental Endomotor:

  • Reduced time for the procedure
  • Better accuracy
  • Original Canal Shape maintenance
  • Less procedural accidents
  • Less fatigue to doctor

Advanced Dental Endomotors with reciprocation function and auto-reverse feature make the work easier for a dentist.

Endo Motor with Integrated Apex Locator:

The Dental Apex Locator displays the file inside the canal in real-time during biomechanical preparation.  When the file's tip reaches the root's apical terminus, it emits a beep sound, which helps prevent over-instrumentation. It allows for Safe & Effective instrumentation inside the canal, plus also increases the accuracy of the Root Canal Treatment with proper elimination of the infection from the canal.

Top 5 Endomotors in the market:

Different types of Dental Endomotors have varied specifications. However, there are a few which are tried and tested and are more popular than the rest. 

  • Woodpecker Endo Radar Pro

A newly upgraded endomotor from DTE, Woodpecker Endoradar Pro has a high-performance brushless motor with Reduced Noise & Vibration for a smooth operation.

For the Endodontist, this device is extremely valuable since it eliminates the need for two different pieces of equipment: working length determination and biomechanical preparation. It has a Two-in-One function with an auto-apical reverse feature to prevent any over-instrumentation.

  • Woodpecker Endo Radar plus

Woodpecker Endo Radar plus is an integrated 5th Generation Apex Locator with a real-time display of files inside the canal. It comes with Wireless charging of cordless handpiece for flexible operation. It also has an Auto-reverse function for better root canal shaping and an ultra-mini contra-angle for increased accessibility.

  • NSK Endo-Mate TC2

NSK Endo-Mate TC2 Cordless endodontic handpiece will make your root canal treatment effortless & accurate. The auto-reverse function has an alarm that makes the root canal treatment precise. It easily supports all major brands of Ni-Ti files.

  • NSK Endo-Mate DT

NSK Endo-mate DT has an ultra-slim & compact handpiece that can easily access the last molar region. It also has a wide range of speed & torque Control with auto-reverse functionality which can enhance the quality of your root canal treatment.

  • Endo smart Endo motor

Endo Smart Endomotor is an ergonomically designed endomotor with a lightweight body for easy operation. Its small and ultra-mini head contra-angle provides better accessibility. It has an easily autoclavable contra-angle at 135° C for preventing cross-contamination. Its advanced 6 programs allow for more efficient and safer preparation as required.


Think of the Endo motor as an investment and go for the one which has the features and functions which you require. Unicorn Denmart has a range of Advanced Endo motors for your daily clinical needs.

You can also Download the Advanced Dental Endomotors Brochure At Our official