A dentist's ability to keep patients satisfied is crucial to his or her success. As a result, it's critical to understand what patients expect from us as a Profession & Ensure that we can provide it.

One of the most important aspects of this is being able to properly communicate with patients so that they understand what excellent Dental Hygiene is and how vital it is for them to take responsibility for their own Oral Health. In addition, it's critical to provide them with a great patient experience and ensure that they can physically feel the benefits of each therapy. They'll keep coming back if we do that.

With the help of the right Dental Ultrasonic Scaler, a great patient experience is achievable. Because Oral Prophylaxis is the most regularly performed operation in a Dental Clinic, the ultrasonic scaler is an important tool in the dentist's repertoire, and its usefulness is well-documented. Dental Scalers have improved throughout time, becoming more pleasant and effective.

What is Ultrasonic Scaler?

A Dental Ultrasonic Scaler cleans the teeth by using Piezon Technology. They vibrate quickly while in use to Destroy Biofilm & Bacteria, allowing them to eliminate Stains & Tartar from the tooth surface. The dentist utilizes a water spray along with the vibration to flush out the scraped materials. The water spray is also required for the periodontal pockets to heal.

Despite the fact that the Scaler has been around for a long time, it has evolved as technology has progressed. Dental Ultrasonic Scalers are now available for purchase on the market, which improves treatment outcomes without sacrificing patient comfort.

The top 3 tried and tested Ultrasonic scalers

NSK Varios 570 Scaler

Many dentists choose NSK ultrasonic scalers because of their high quality and adaptability. The all-new Varios 570 Dental Scaler incorporates the most recent advances in piezo technology; NSK's Piezo engine ensures consistent output by automatically adapting to the best frequency based on tip loading. The redesigned, smaller Varios handpiece improve accessibility to the oral cavity, allowing the operator to work more effectively.

  • Slimmest & lightest handpiece with Twin LED for improved visibility
  • Feedback Function & auto-tuning function provides outstanding performance
  • 3 modes – General, Perio & Endo for enhancing the working condition

This NSK Scaler has an Ultra-compact body with a large water adjustment and power knob for easy operation.

Woodpecker DTE U6 LED Scaler

Choose the Woodpecker DTE U6 LED Scaler if you're looking for a model that's comfortable for both the dentist and the patient. Its ergonomic design not only highlights it from the competition but also makes it simple to use.

  • Automatic Frequency Tracking for efficiently remove hard calculus
  • Sine wave drive for improved patient comfort
  • Smart touch system with waterproof design
  • Aluminium aloy handpiece with latest sealing technology

This is a Modern Scaler with a simple compact design for improved patient comfort level. Because of its Revolutionary Technology, this device reduces the time spent performing the Scaling Procedures for a patient, eventually saves a lot of time for the dentist. It comes with 3 Different Modes i.e. General, Perio & Endo Mode. In addition, every package includes 7 different tips for effectively removing tartar between teeth and performing other endo functions.

Woodpecker D5 LED Scaler

Do you want a dental scaler that automatically tracks frequency?

Obtain the DTE D5 scaler from the woodpecker. As a result of the Efficient Operational Frequency, you will get consistent results. It has control functions that are simple to use by a Dentist.

  • Constant power output for efficient scaling
  • Athermic tips for painless scaling
  • 3 different modes – General, Perio & Endo

It has an LED which provides Better Visibility of the required area. Also, the proper Hygiene Maintenance can be taken care of in the Dental Clinic with its easy detachable and autoclavable handpiece


It’s never too early to proceed with upgrading your clinic by getting the appropriate equipment, such as an Ultrasonic Scaler. Unicorn Denmart's scalers are known for their great quality and reliability.

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