A well managed and successful dental clinic uses the best dental equipment possible. Every dental practitioner wants to ensure those who come to him or her for treatment are looked after well and have their ailments resolved. To achieve this goal, a dental practitioner must use dental equipment such as those mentioned below.

1.           A Suitable Dental Chair

In every dental clinic, the dental chair is the most important dental equipment. There are a wide variety of dental chairs available of which the Anthos A5 is among the best. It has an extra-wide backrest and seat with seamless upholstery and because it is made from aluminium it doesn’t rust. It right armrest is movable. The chair has 7 in-built programs of which 4 are programmable working positions while others are pre-set auto, return to zero, spitting, and last working position. It also has a Trendelenberg position for when dental emergencies arise. 

2.           Autoclaves – Runyes B Class

The dental equipment used in a clinic needs to be sterilised regularly, often after each use. To help sterilise dental equipment, a dental practice should ideally use an autoclave, preferably a Runyes B Class autoclave. The advantage of using this Dental Autoclave is that it is easy to use. Hence a dental practitioner can concentrate on his or her work while resting assured that equipment can be effortlessly disinfected when needed. The Runyes B Class autoclave is front loading and operates in 4 cycles to sterilise autoclave equipment in an hour.

3.           Water Distiller – Fomos

The water distiller manufactured by Fomos, distils water such that it exceeds the highest standards for drinking water. This makes the Fomos Aqua water distiller ideal for dental practitioners who need distilled water to use with dental equipment such as autoclaves. What makes the Fomos Aqua Water Distiller ideal is that its small size allows it to be used inside even small dental clinics.  

4.           Ultrasonic Cleaner

Before sterilizing dental equipment, it must be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. This is why every dental clinic must have an ultrasonic cleaner. A good dental practice should use a Codison Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner because its features make it optimal for use in dental practices. The Codison Ultrasonic Cleaner has a capacity of 3 litres, and an adjustable time setting of 1 to 30 minutes. It can be set to a temperature between 200-800 degrees Celsius. It is adjustable and has a high-performance transducer. It is CE/FCC/RoHC tested and approved. Furthermore, it has a special groove design that makes it waterproof. 

5.           Endo Motor+ Apex Locator – Endoradar Plus from Woodpecker

No dental practitioner’s dental clinic is complete without an endo motor and apex locator. The apex locator manufactured by Woodpecker is ideal because has a reciprocation mode that offers accurate angle control. It also offers integrated length determination and has a torque range between 0.4 and  5.0 N cm. It also has an exceptional speed range of between 100-1200 RPMs and 3 auto-reverse modes. What makes the Endoradar Plus from Woodpecker truly exceptional is it can be charged wirelessly and features wireless communication as well.  It displays information using an attractive LED.  

6.           Micromotor with Straight or Contra angle H/P – Strong

An electric micro motor is used to polish or cut. The Strong Clinical micro motor is among the finest in the world and can aid a dental practitioner in working at his or her finest. The mentioned clinical micro motor offers speeds of up to 35,000 RPMs and comes with a spare carbon brush set. It generates low heat making it ideal for long-term use on patients. 

7.           Portable X-Ray – Genoray 

A Portable X-Ray offers immense convenience to dental practitioners and patients. An outstanding portable X-Ray is manufactured by Genoray. The Genoray Port X (II) portable X-ray machine allows dental practitioners to capture X-ray images instantly on the device's display and allows them to transfer such images wirelessly. Images captured by the Genoray Port are of crystal clarity ranging from 0.8mm to focal spot to 60 Kv X-Ray tube. Its ergonomic design allows it to be operated using only 1 hand. Its image viewer is a clear IPS LCD Screen. The portable X-ray allows seamless transmission of data to PCs and Mobile apps and its firmware can be upgraded wirelessly. 

8.           Digital Sensors – Carestream RVG CS 5200

A digital sensor ideally should produce high-quality HD images with minimal exposure to radiation. Carestream RVG CS 5200 allows to program new default setting. The intuitive intraoral imaging system enhances patient comfort and also provides high quality image through  its super CMOS technology.

9.          Implant Motors – Implant  X Woodpecker

When dental practitioners need to perform dental implants they have no better friend than the Implant X by Woodpecker. The Impact X is ideal for use in complex surgeries because the balance between its weight of contra-angle and motor reduces fatigue considerably during surgeries. It has a noiseless motor that has been imported from Switzerland. Its high precision LED handpiece produces minimum vibration and produces stable torque output at high and low speeds and ensure visibility, high accuracy, and efficiency. Other features of the Impact X are its large colour touch screen displays every procedure of implant surgery using pre-set parameters which eliminates the need to input new settings before every procedure. It is easy to connect and is compatible with disposable water tubings. It also has a flexible multi-function foot pedal which aids in aseptic operations.  

10.       Dental Lasers – Biolase Epic X

The Biolase Epic X laser is a powerful, versatile and advanced dental laser that comes in a small portable package yet offers maximum performance with minimum chair time. Patients treated using the Biolase laser undergo fast treatment and heal rapidly. It is versatile enough to offer complete patient care. It has comfort pulse modes to ensure that patients have as comfortable an experience as possible. It also has exclusive pre-initiated tips that guarantee a perfectly prepared tip. When used it leads to predictable tissue ablation and the time to prepare its tips is dramatically less than the time needed to prepare standard diode tips. Its laser can be operated using a battery or mains.     

Each dental equipment mentioned above is invaluable to dental practitioners. While the list mentioned is by no means exhaustive, the items listed above are essential for dentists to work efficiently and to ensure patients have a pleasant visit to their dentist. Hence every dental practitioner should equip his or her clinic with each mentioned dental equipment.