Dental equipment maintenance is a crucial part of every dental clinic if you want to run a successful and unhindered dental practice. So, we are helping dental professionals in making their equipment more reliable and retain effectiveness through our Blog Series on “Maintenance of dental equipment”. If you have missed our 1st Blog on “Maintenance of dental Handpieces” you can refer to our website. Let’s proceed towards our 2nd Blog from the maintenance series i.e. “Maintenance of Dental Chair”. 

It is not just about providing health services to patients when it comes to running a dental clinic. Without a doubt, there are other areas in a dental clinic which a dental practitioner needs to focus on. Maintenance of the equipment inside the dental clinic is also crucial for a successful dental practice. For both the dentist and the patient, the dental chair is one of the most essential pieces of dental equipment in a dental clinic. 

A good quality dental chair can last up to many years depending upon how you maintain the dental chair. The different parts of the dental chair require different types of maintenance. Since a dentist relies entirely on the dental chair for all his operations, when it breaks down, he may face varieties of problems. 

  1.  Routine procedures like restoration, scaling, etc. can be hampered.
  2.  If the chair isn’t working properly, it could end up being a safety hazard to the patient.
  3.  If the light stops working, the visibility will be compromised.
  4.  If the water unit stops working, the spittoon and cup filling operation will be hampered.
  5.  The water pipe is not cleaned properly the pipe may get clogged. 
  6.  The internal valves and the tubings may get damaged.
  7.  Due to power fluctuation, the dental chair may stop working
  8.  The clinic hygiene may also get hampered. 
  9.  Last but not least, your dental practice may get slowed down. 

Here are some tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining your dental chair, to help you and your staff keep up the dental practice in peak condition, along with that maintain the reputation of the dental clinic by providing the patients with a good clinical environment. 

Tip #1 Dental Chair Cleaning

The main contact point of a dental chair is the upholstery or the seat of the dental chair.

During dental checkups and many dental procedures, the seat of the dental chair comes in contact with the patient. However, the risk of contamination through the upholstery is still less. But it is advisable to properly clean the upholstery after each patient to maintain the hygiene of the dental clinic. 

The use of harsh chemicals to clean the seat may cause the upholstery material to crack or peel, which may be a mood killer for the patient, also it decreases the patient’s interest in the dental procedure. A mild, soapy water solution or commercially available disinfectant without alcohol, chlorine, or ammonia works well for routine cleaning. Abrasive cleaners and scrubbing pads should never be used on upholstery because they can permanently scratch or ruin the fabric. 

Tip #2 Dental Chair Waterline Maintenance

To prevent the accumulation of odor and foul-smelling germs, the dental staff should ensure that the water line in the dental chair is regularly cleaned and maintained. Before closing the dental clinic, the dental suction pipes should be properly cleaned with disinfectant solutions (3-4 liters of water with 2% hypochlorite) on a daily basis. Mostly the Suction lines should be clear without any clogging, to avoid any growth of bacteria. After that, the chair should be moved to the upmost position for clearance of the drainage line. 

Tip #3 Solid Filter Net Cleaning

The suction not only aspirates the blood or saliva or body fluids from the oral cavity but also sometimes aspirates the solid residues which may clog the waterline. So the Dental Chair has already a solid filter net. The debris gathered in the filter net should be cleaned by the dental staff on a daily basis. Along with the hygiene maintenance the solid filter net also maintains the efficiency of the suction lines. 

Take Away Tips for the Maintenance of Dental Chair

  •  Any harsh chemicals should not be used to clean the arms of the dental chair that may cause rusting or discoloration. 
  •  Only distilled water should be used for the handpiece for maintenance of the internal tubings and valves. 
  •  A Servo Stabilizer is recommended to use with the dental chair for a constant supply of voltage without any fluctuation issue. 
  •  Using disposable barriers on the upholstery may help reduce the upholstery damage and also reduce the infection transmission.
  •  Precautions must be taken for avoiding rodents damaging the tubings or wires.
  •  Spittoon should be regularly cleaned to maintain the hygiene of the dental chair.
  •  Only dry compressed air should be used for the functioning of the dental chair with an 80 Psi air pressure.
  •  The power supply should be switched off when the dental unit is not in use. 
  •  The dental chair servicing should be done at least once a year to avoid any unwanted breakdown of the chair.


The Dental Chair is the most necessary Dental Equipment if maintained properly will save you time and money and will run for years without any issue. It is always a better choice to go for maintenance rather than spending money on the repair. As a Dental Practitioner, if the dental chair is maintained and working perfectly, it will help you in serving more patients by up hilling your Dental Practice. Moreover, a well-maintained dental clinic with a clean and shiny dental chair provides a feel-good factor to the patient and enhances the interest to go for Dental Treatment. Buy your favorite Dental Spare parts like Genoray Portable Battery, Gnatus Foot Pedal Pistol, GNATUS New Presus Light Bulb, Gnatus Spitoon Filter, etc with Best Dental Deals. Also, to help the dental professionals with peace of mind, dental chair service can be provided through our service engineers with a simple facility of “Annual Maintenance Contract” that is available with us. 

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