Dental Implants are one of the most popular procedures for replacing smiles in today's era. This Surgical Treatment produces outstanding results that are both more convenient and enduring for the user. The future of Implant Dentistry is now centred on the next generation of innovative technologies.

To enhance the accuracy and comfort of the Dental Implanting Procedure, new and Advanced Dental Implants Motors have entered the market. Dental Implant Placement requires the use of an Implant Motor that provides controlled speed and torque to efficiently perform the procedure.

Implant Motors are critical components in the installation of dental implants. When a dentist considers providing Dental Implant Services, one of the first questions they ask is, "What advanced equipment would I need to perform this service?" Finding the ideal implant motor is crucial; without it, providing professional service with substandard equipment would be difficult.

Placing Dental Implants with Traditional Instruments:

For many years, due to the ease of availability and operations, Traditional Instruments have been the choice for Dentists to perform bone Cutting & Placing Dental Implants. However, the traditional method has a few drawbacks, which need to be considered to avoid any unnecessary complications during or post-surgery.

  • Delivery of Unnecessary External Force
  • Compromisation of Bone Cutting Accuracy
  • Feeling of resistance during Bone cutting
  • Heat production
  • More chances of Necrosis
  • Post-operative Pain & Swelling to the patient
  • Trismus to the patient
  • More recovery times
  • No data management facility
  • No memory saving for Implant Systems

Factors to consider before choosing an Ideal Implant Motor:

There are many Dental Equipment brands that manufacture their own Implant Motors in the market, allowing the Dentist to carry out the procedure with complete confidence. But there are a few factors that help to choose the ideal one for the practice.   

  • Sterilization: