A dental clinic should have the basic requirements to achieve optimal clinical care keeping in mind patient comfort and ease of operation to the dentist. Dental clinic should be safe, hygiene and well managed to create a healthy environment for the patient and along with that provision of adequate ventilation for the internal staffs.

While planning for a dental clinic, a list of equipment's are essential for detailed execution of the procedures.

The Important Dental Equipment's in a Dental Clinic:

The followings are the basic but most important dental equipment in a dental clinic.

The Dental Chair: The dental chair is the most common equipment that makes it easier for a dental professional to work and a patient to sit easily for dental care procedures. Dental chairs should have a good patient experience through its ergonomic designs. It ensures for enhanced patient comfort with soft backrest and movable right arm. Also, it should have chair programs to save the positions, multifunctional foot control for aseptic operation and feather touch control panel to make the dental chair more efficient for the dental professional.

Dental Handpieces: Dental handpieces are the most used equipment of paramount importance in a dental clinic. Almost all the basic dental procedures are performed with a dental handpiece, hence it is vital to have the best quality dental handpiece in dental clinic from a reliable dental brand and with upgraded features and increased performance. Many types of dental handpieces are available i.e. both air-driven or air-rotor and motor driven handpieces to help dentist to perform the procedures effortlessly. Various factors those also important to consider are head size of the handpiece, design for enhanced grip, balance of the handpiece etc. NSK FX Plus handpieces come with Clean head system and Anti-retraction Valve to prevent the cross-contamination keeping in mind the safety of the dental patient. 

Dental Sterilization Equipment's: In a dental clinic, quality sterilization equipment is of paramount significance for the avoidance of cross contamination and for the general success of the patient’s wellbeing.  Dental sterilization equipment includes autoclave or dental steam sterilizers those use moist heat in high temperature and pressure for the effective destruction of all types of microbes from the surface of the instruments. The main objective of the sterilization equipment's are anticipation and control of all types of infections. For an effective destruction of Prion bacteria, Runyes Feng 23L B class autoclave with Triple Vacuum Cycle and B+ Cycle comes into use. For this purpose only Feng 23L autoclave has become the first choice of dentists and also the most reliable dental autoclave in India.  Before sterilization all the used dental instruments are processed in an ultrasonic cleaner for proper disinfection and after sterilization the instruments are kept in a UV-C technology-based UV Chamber to maintain the sterility for longer duration.

Dental Imaging: In every current dental procedure, radiographic imaging is an integral aspect of diagnosis, recording and preparation of dental treatment. Various improvements over the manual processing of film are offered by digital x-ray technology. Digital radiography system enables clinicians and patients to display photographs immediately at a higher resolution than film on a monitor, iPad or working television screen. Dental Imaging system also allow clinician to work safely in dental clinical environment by eliminating the use of photo processing chemicals. This digital image can be transferred through mail to the patient or consultant dentist for reference or easily be stored in hard drive without the risk of losing the image as in case of film.

Each dental practice is unique, hence to improve the quality of practice and strengthen the patient’s trust, it is vital to invest in a few radiography systems. 

Intraoral Sensors: This is a substitute for x-ray film. This make the process very quick and easy as the image is captured by a sensor, that directly sends to the monitor for display after processing. It requires very less radiation along with that enhanced image quality. As in Carestream RVG CS5200, it comes with image processing tools also to provide the dentist with more accurate diagnosis. 

Utility Equipment: In almost any dental offices, dental utility equipment's are the most important and basic to power the dental chair for proper functioning. Such equipment's include dental compressor that provide compressed air to the dental chair for functioning of the handpiece, 3-way syringe etc. and Dental suction units for aspiration of saliva, blood and other oral fluids from the oral cavity of the patient during dental surgical procedures. The dental air compressors available with Air Moisture Regulator Filter to enhance the durability of the equipment by providing dryer air to the dental chair as in Gnatus Air Compressor .  Again, in Vmax suctions, the provision of bacteria filter along with high volume suction performance maintain the hygiene of the dental clinical environment.

Operatory Equipment's: These equipment's include dental scaler for performing oral prophylaxis procedures that is the basic dental procedure. Dental ultrasonic scaler is used to remove all types of plaque, calculus etc. from the tooth surface. The Dental Ultrasonic Scalers are available now with various technology to avoid the stimulation and provide painless and comfortable treatment to the patient as in U6 LED Scaler. Light Cure Unit that is used to cure the composite resin material for aesthetic and successful restoration of dental caries effectively. As an advancement in Light cure unit, the polywave technology has come into action for curing of any type of composite resin material with newest type photo-initiator within 1 sec just like in DTE O-Light Plus.

Conclusion: Each dental buyer has his own unique requirements to choose the dental equipment depending on various factors. However, with the advent of the new appliances, there are few basic standards that should be taken into consideration if you are planning to invest in improving your practice.  All these require a proper planning with the equipment's need to be set up in the clinic along with this the assistants should be well trained with the usage of the equipment. All these dental equipment's help to establish dental practice in noteworthy way.