Various Dental Surgical Techniques have advanced rapidly in recent decades, resulting in a world of Painless Dentistry. For bone surgery, the use of rotating burs and Hand Instruments with External force are major drawbacks, which even require external copious irrigation as so much heat is generated and may lead to unnecessary necrosis of Tissues.

An Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon performs mostly the osteotomy or osteoplasty procedures for which he uses Rotary Burs, Hand Instruments, Chisel Mallet, etc. Various drills, powered tools such as micromotors, air turbines come with serrations or diamond-coated metal cause mechanical ablation by pulverizing or shattering the bone.

Ultrasonic vibrations for osteotomy procedures can be a good replacement for rotary or invasive instruments. The technique is widely known as Piezosurgery, and it reduces the potential risk of vital Tissue Injuries such as Nerves Blood Vessels, Arteries, etc.

What may happen if burs or drills are used for bone surgery?

The burs or drills during Osteotomy Procedures have serrated surfaces which can cause several issues to the Vital Tissues & Bone.

  • The speed of the bur can cause heat generation, leads to tissue damage
  • The enormous loss of bone
  • Loss of Osteocytes
  • Difficult to handle the instrument in case of cortical or trabecular bone
  • Imprecision of the cut
  • Higher torque moment
  • High risk of soft tissue injury
  • High chance of injury to the blood vessels, nerves, or sinus membrane
  • Chance of bacterial contamination
  • For patients, it increases the post-operative trauma

Wide Applications of Piezosurgery Unit in dentistry:

The demand for improved precision and safety during osteotomy procedures led to the development of Piezoelectric Surgery that works by ultrasonic transduction. It improves the cutting precision by micrometric cutting action without loss of bone. Because hemostasis is maintained at the operation site, and the reduced risk of Soft Tissue Damage, the patient feels lesser or minimal post-operative trauma, as well as healing, becomes faster.

The Piezosurgery Unit has a wide range of applications in the field of Dentistry. Some of them are:

  • Oral Surgery:

Specific Dentoalveolar Procedures like ridge expansion, endodontic surgery, cyst removal, impacted tooth extraction, etc. can be done very effortlessly Without any Damage to the vital structures and minimal invasion using the Piezosurgery Unit. In procedures where high precision is required, a piezosurgery unit using micro-vibration delivers an effective osteotomy causing minimal noise and discomfort.

  • Implantology: