New Innovations are introduced daily to make our practice easier in the sphere of Dentistry, to be precise. A consequence of technological advancement in the field of dentistry has led to the use of Photography as a strong mode for communication and awareness. It also aims at providing an array of Perception, Interpretation, and Implementation.

Innovations in dentistry have made assessing and diagnosing Oral Health Issues easier as well as making treatment less intrusive, more comfortable, and convenient. Many cutting-edge technologies are being developed to assist oral health care practitioners and physicians in providing high-quality care.

An Intraoral Camera (IOC) is one such piece of Dental Equipment that has become a Crucial Device in the delivery of Oral Health Care. This Dental Camera allows the dental professional clearly examine the intraoral structures, provides both the Dentist and the patient with a precise picture.

Why We Need An Intraoral Camera?

As many of us already know, regular Dental Checkups are recommended because the best approach to treat tooth problems is to catch them as early as possible. However, no matter how skilful the Dentist is or how powerful the Dental Chair Light he utilizes, seeing inside the patient mouth can be difficult. Even if the dentist uses a magnifying mirror, it is very easy sometimes to overlook the minor signs of developing Dental Diseases.

A dental professional’s treatment plan is solely dependent upon the Diagnosis and he may face several issues during a Normal Dental Checkup:

  • Improper visibility of the detailed tooth structures
  • Difficult to diagnose hairline fractures
  • Patient and doctor communication is compromised
  • The patient is more reluctant for the treatment
  • Dissatisfied treatment quality
  • Many dental diseases remain undetected
  • A patient needs to be convinced for the treatment

What is an Intraoral Camera?

The Dental Intraoral Camera is a small pen-type hand-held device that has LED lights and a camera in its tip to easily insert inside the Oral Cavity of the patient. When the Intraoral Camera is switched on the Real-Time Picture is visible on the chair-side screen.

Improvements in the dental practice by an Intraoral Camera are as follows:

  • Improved Visibility: