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Brand: Biolase Model:  151043EPICX
Epic X diode laser system, imported from Biolase USA.  Biolase is devoted to delivering the industry with the finest standards and the most robust dental lasers. Unicorn Denmart is the sole distributor of Biolase in India to provide every Indian dentist the extensive sales & service support and to make this process even easier, this is also available online in the best dental deals at a very decent price. Epic X diode laser is devoted to delivering the industry with the finest stan..
₹370,000 ₹390,000
Brand: Biolase Model: Epicx 940
The BIOLASE LaserWhite20 whitening gel is a patented dental whitening solution that works in combination with the Epicx 940 nm laser system. The laser activates the LaserWhite20TM whitening gel via a specialized hand piece and delivery system. The whitening gel was created using chromophore technology and is compatible with Biolase diode laser systems. The Epic X 940 nm laser systems are intended for use only by dentists in combination with the LaserWhite20 whitening gel for partial and ful..
₹5,000 ₹5,670
Brand: Biolase Model: E4-400
NSK Variosurg3 piezosurgery unit from NSK, Japan. NSK is renowned brand worldwide for its high durable and reliable products with outstanding performance that help dental professional to carry out treatment in a smarter way. Wattage is not merely a component that determines ultrasonic surgery's cutting performance and success. For handling high power and cutting efficiency, the power factor between the frequency of the three components, control unit, hand-piece vibration charact..
₹850 ₹990
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