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Avyanna Dental chair

Avyanna Dental chair
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Avyanna Dental chair
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Avyanna Dental Chair is highly ergonomic designed dental unit to improve every minute spent around the patient chair which leads to comfort for all: Dentist, Assistant and Patient.

Fully electrically operated dental chair with state of art microprocessor based chair control system with feather touch switches for chair operations with Zero programme gives precise control over the chair.

Technological features designed to accompany the evolution of the profession based on practicality and operational safety makes Avyanna best dental chair with microprocessor in the Dental treatment center.

Key Highlights Of Avyanna Dental Chair:

  • Fully electrically operated dental chair with microprocessor based PCB control system.
  • Feather touch switches for chair operations with Zero programme.
  • Swiveling arm rest for easy patient access.
  • Chair side Porcelain spittoon with auto water connection for cup filler & flush function.
  • Advanced doctor’s console equipped with:- Two Air Rotor points , Micro motor with 35000 rpm, 3 way syringe, Non optic Scaler.
  • Assistant Arm equipped with Light Cure , 3 way syringe , High and Low vacuum motorised Suction and X-Ray viewer.

Key Features Of Avyanna Dental Chair:

  • Electrical operated dental chair with microprocessor based chair control system.
  • Articulated Headrest with comfortable cushioned rexine.
  • High and Low Vacuum motorised suction with auto drain and auto flush system.
  • Porcelain spittoon with auto water connection for cup filler & flush function.
  • White & Cool LED operating light having multi surface reflector with 30000 LUX intensity and intensity control by non-touch sensor with 3 directional movement.
  • Doctor’s console with high potential instruments fulfill operating needs :- Two air rotor points with water control option , Micro motor 35,000 rpm with digital display of speed, Non-optic scaler, X-Ray viewer, Doctor 3-way syringe.

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