Apex Locators

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 NSK IPEX II Apex Locater


NSK IPEX II Apex Locater

Rs 41,500.00

Rs 43,600.00

Ex Tax: Rs 41,500.00

Unicorn Denmart is offering a highly advanced Apex Loctaor known as iPex II from the brand NSK. Built by using the results of numerous clinical trials and verification tests, this smart logic next-generation Apex Locator is compatible with diverse tooth forms. Additionally, it provides sup..


Woodpecker D-Pex III Gold Apex Locator

Rs 11,000.00

Ex Tax: Rs 11,000.00

One of the most demanded and essential products in clinical dentistry, D-PEX III Gold is available with us at the lowest price range. Offered apex locator is designed by using highly durable material to ensure long term functionality without causing any hassle. Moreover, its Advanced multi..

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