Anthos HD Intraoral Sensor

Anthos HD Intraoral Sensor

Anthos HD Intraoral Sensor

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Anthos HD Intraoral Sensor

The X-VS intraoral sensor is the India's 1st HD intraoral sensor, designed ergonomically for REAL-TIME DIAGNOSTICS besides offering extraordinary performance, and a perfect balance between comfort & cutting-edge technology.  Moreover, This high definition RVG can be used with all X-Ray Systems.


  • Available in Size 1
  • The X-VS is impact and dust-resistant
  • 4-layer sensor for high definition digital images
  • Direct USB plug-and-play connection, gives immediate results

Technical Specifications:

External Dimensions
38.9 x 24.9 mm
5.3 mm
Pixel Matrix
1500 x 1000
Pixel Size
20 μm
Maximum Resolution
25 lp/mm
Grey Level Depth
14-bit acquisition - 16384 max. grey level
Scintillator Technology
Csl (Cisioum Iodidie) with micro-columnar structure
Direct Exposure Protection
FOP (Fiber Optic Plate)
Protection Rating
IP 67 (Guaranteed against liquid or dust infiltration)

Direct USB to PC


  • Acquisition Software - Capture with TWAIN Software
  • Image management Software - iRYS(for PC) with DICOM 3.0 interface with free viewer and APP for iPad

  • 5 Years

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