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Air Motor Handpiece

Air Motor Handpiece

Dental handpieces provide an essential role in performing many dental procedures. Starting from routine dental procedures to any surgical procedures, dental handpiece is required.

Dental Low Speed Handpiece With Gears Require A Motor To Get Driven. Hence The Motor Can Be Of 2 types:

  1. Air motor
  2. Micromotor

The Air Motor Handpiece takes the power from compressed air pressure whereas the micromotor takes the power from electricity.

Tornado air motor handpiece provides muscular performance and excellent reliability for all the low speed handpiece applications. In this lightweight engine, you will find a special combination of reliability, power and strength. All types of gear head system are compatible with this dental Air Motor Handpiece. It can be easily attached to all ISO-E type handpieces. Air Motor Dental Handpiece is available online in Best dental deals to buy and get a direct delivery to the dental clinic in India. 

Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Air-motor
Foshan Tornado Air motor engine with a premium quality that makes dental care more professional. Air motor systems are the products of intensive research and studies by experts to provide dentists with the highest efficiency. Dental Air-motor can be used instead of micromotors in dental clinics for chair-side dental procedures. This uses the Compressed air pressure available in the chair to drive low-speed handpieces like straight or contra-angle handpieces etc. This Tornado Air Motor is av..
₹3,500 ₹4,000
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