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Acteon X-Mind DC X Ray

Acteon X-Mind DC X Ray
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Acteon X-Mind DC X Ray
2 Year

The popular X-mind is available in DC model, with its constant voltage and intensity enabling a short exposure time and compliant with current guidelines and standards for digital compatibility. A choice of wall mounted primary arms, mobile or ceiling mounted.

Acteon X-mind DC is an extraoral source of X-rays intended to be used for the generation of intra oral images for the treatment of disease of teeth, jaw and oral structures. This X-ray unit can also be applied in routine dental radiographic examinations which involves the diagnosis, treatment such as, surgical or interventional, of disease of the teeth, jaw and oral cavity structures. X-mind DC intends for medical applications such as, General Dentistry, Dental Implantology and Dental Surgery. X-Mind DC is delivered with a generator 70KV, a pantograph, an extensor and a timer.

Notable Features:

Programmable User-Friendly Timer

Shorter exposure time

Reliable consistent performance

Easy Positionable

Flexible installation alternatives for your practice

Technical Specifications

  • Electric classification : Electromedical equipment, Class 1 type B
  • Classification according to 93/42/EEC Directive : Class IIb
  • Supply voltage : 230V - monophase 50/60Hz
  • Power absorption at 230V : 1.4kVA
  • Resistance of the line : 0.5 ohms
  • X-ray tube : New Toshiba DG 073B DC tube
  • High voltage : 60-70kV
  • Anode current : 4-8mA
  • Focal spot : 0.7mm
  • Total filtration : Equivalent to 2mm Al at 70kV
  • Tube inherent filtration : Equivalent to 0.8mm Al at 70kV
  • Leakage radiation : Less than 0.25mGy/hour maximum at a distance of 1m from focal spot
  • Long cone : Focus to cylinder tip distance = 31cm (12î)
  • Timer : Exposure time can be set from 0.02 to 3.2 seconds
  • X-ray emission control : ìDead manî switch with 3m spiral cable
  • Total weight : 25kg (weight of the head : 5.5kg)

The X-Mind DC radiographic system consists of:

  1. X-Mind DC Timer: The timer is the control panel used to safely use the tubehead and to manage the exposure times. Control button with safety key exist to make the exposure. The timer can be connected to n degree 2cc tubeheads.
  2. Bracket: It is available in three different lengths (110cm, 80cm, 40cm) and supports the pantograph arm. Its shaft is fixed to a section of the timer and allows 180 degrees movement.
  3. Pantograph Type Arm: Its length can be adjusted to precisely explore any spot in its reach. It is made of light alloy with an ABS coating.
  4. Tubehead: Light alloy housing is separated into two compartments, the x-ray tube and the expansion chamber. Both are submerged in highly dielectric insulating oil inside a light alloy container. The expansion chamber guarantees an adequate compensation to oil expansion for the entire temperature range. The X-ray tube is at the back of the container, allowing a source-skin distance 50% higher than traditional structures. In the second compartment the main electronic board and the control electronic board are placed.
  5. Cone (Collimator cone or Beam limiting device): It is made up of transparent polycarbonate or lead coated polycarbonate which ensures (i) the exact distance between focal spot and skin (ii) dimension, direction and positioning of x-ray beam (iii) the realisation of different radiographic technique (biting and parallel technique)


  • Second control button with remote exposure switch
  • RX Indicator light for external use
  • Adaptable mounting wall plate 3

Warranty*: 2 Years

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