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Acteon Light Cure Unit - Mini LED Active
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Brand: Acteon Model: mini led active
Features:Mini LED Active light cure is ready to use with just one click emitting power of 1492 mW/ cm2 and a single cycle of 10 sec (with micro flash at 5 sec).Just 103g, The Mini LED lamp is easy on wrist and simply charge overnight and work full day without interruption.Mini LED is available in a ..
Brand: Acteon Model: Acteon_Supercharged
Features:The heat dissipation system prevents any overheating of pulp.Base charger is equipped with color coding to check the battery status. LED display allows  display of all parameter. You can choose from three different modes to cure different composite materials efficiently and convenientl..
Acteon P5 Booster Ultrasonic Scaler with 3 Tips Acteon P5 Booster Ultrasonic Scaler with 3 Tips
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Brand: Acteon Model: P5_booster
Offered P5 booster Ultrasonic Scaler is well known for its efficient working with perfect ultrasonic vibrations and steel tip quality that further preserves teeth.Features:• Very reliable brand from France.• High technology and maximum power• Minimum size & functional design• Suitable for all cl..
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Acteon P5 Newtron Ultrasonic Scaler with 3 Tips Acteon P5 Newtron Ultrasonic Scaler with 3 Tips
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Brand: Acteon Model: P5_Newtron
The P5 Newtron Ultrasonic Scaler is great assistance in your practice. Ergonomically designed, this scaler ensures optimal performance & fast work every time of its usage, which further provides full comfort to both the patients and the doctor. Features:• Reliable ultrasonic system with a p..
Brand: Acteon Model: Sopix
The Sopix series digital x-ray sensors improve your daily work as it is easy to use and has an outstanding image quality. Sopix sensors surpass the limits of radiological examinations by offering greater differentiation of dental tissue. This technological achievement is based on..
Brand: Acteon Model: X-Mind DC
The popular X-mind is available in DC model, with its constant voltage and intensity enabling a short exposure time and compliant with current guidelines and standards for digital compatibility. A choice of wall mounted primary arms, mobile or ceiling mounted.Acteon X-mind DC is an extraor..
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