Formlabs Form Wash

  • Rs 45,250.00

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    After preparing the part by using 3D Printer, that part travels Straight to Form Wash. Offered Form wash is basically designed to give you a consistent and reliable workflow with all automatic procedures. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology and equipped with amazing features, your prepared part can be kept directly on the build platform. You just need to set the appropriate time and leave the further process on Form Wash. It's design technique further ensures, your developed part would have every nook and corner perfectly clean, precise, dry and ready.


    • Automate Cleaning
    • Less Cleaning time
    • Consistent workflow
    • Advance heating system
    • Provides Peak performance

    Technical Specifications

    10.3*11.5*13.4 Inch
    6.7 kg
    Bucket Volume
    8.6 L
    18-28 °C
    50 W

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