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3D Printer Resins

Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: 2.0
Next Dent Model 2.0 Dental Resin•       High-precision dental model prints•       high degree of accuracy, making this material suitable for detailed master prosthodontics and orthodontic models where high precision is needed. • &nb..
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Cast
Next Dent Cast Dental Resin •       Residue-free combustible 3D printing material •       NextDent Cast is an easy burn out 3D printing material, residue-free and suited for all kinds of purposes. •     ..
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Denture 3D+
Next Dent Denture 3D Plus Resin•       Print Denture Base applications•       NextDent Denture 3D+ is a biocompatible Class IIa material suitable for printing all types of removable denture bases.•       This..
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Gingival
NextDent Gingival Resin•       Flexibility in printing model parts•       NextDent Gingiva Mask is a flexible material that can be used in combination with the model material. •       This makes it possible to..
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Ortho IBT
Next Dent Ortho IBT Dental Resin•       Flexible material for orthodontic applications•       NextDent Indirect Bonding Tray is a biocompatible Class I material for orthodontic applications. •       Making us..
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Ortho Rigid
Next Dent Ortho Rigid Dental Resin•       Easily design and 3D print splints•       NextDent Ortho Rigid is a biocompatible Class IIa material developed for digital manufacturing of splints.•        In ..
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: SG
NextDent SG (Surgical Guide)•       Design and print high-precision transparent drilling template•       biocompatible Class, I material, developed for the printing of Surgical Guides for implant surgery use. •    &n..
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